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Each CMS platform is unique and has its own bunch of peculiarities. Each of them serves a particular purpose, has a different level of functionality and design range. Joomla is a full-blown CMS solution that gives you the opportunity to create good looking and working well website at the same time. The platform is beloved all over the world due to its flexibility and unlimited functionality. Joomla’s unblemished reputation and unlimited functionality  have put it in line with the top trendy content management systems that are currently available at the web market. So let’s list those top Joomla technical characteristics to witness how awesome this platform is.

Open Source System

joomla cmsUsing open source platforms has lots of advantages. if you have any problems and look for some assistance  –  with open source software solutions you do not have to wait for some specific or developer solution. What is more important, the CMS platform is continually audited for security holes and offers decentralized solutions. As most of other open source projects, Joomla is available for free. Undoubtedly open source platforms are appreciated also for its auditability.

Written in PHP

PHP is a robust web development language, which powers most of the web applications.  Being the most important web scripting language at the moment, it is currently used by most of the developers all over the world. Thanks to PHP, most of the developers are able to support Joomla and create extensions for it.

Build on Modern Framework

joomla benefitsOne more prominent feature of Joomla that differentiates it from other CMS platforms and makes it unique among, for instance, WordPress or Drupal, is object orientation and it is built on the common MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural standard. Joomla allows developers to proceed with both – accessing to already existing well-coded common needs (extensions) and writing a unique web application as they could do with a web framework.

Default Security

Joomla is secure by default and it is well-established fact that all Joomla websites around the world are running securely and safely. You have to download the latest Joomla zip file and install it onto your website, and then your web page is completely secure.


Vast library of plugins, modules, and components in the Joomla extension repository allows to extend a website functionally as it is required.  If you need to create a custom form for your Joomla website, the component from extension directory will be of service for you. In case you need a social media integration, there are numbers of solutions as well. In a nutshell, whatever functionality you can think of. it already exists in Joomla extensions library.

The reasons stated above are just the top of the iceberg of Joomla’s superior technical aspect. If you are a developer or average user with Joomla you will certainly be impressed with the long term value of its uniqueness. It is clear – this CMS platform is able to benefit any small or large business.

If you are still using another content management system which doesn’t meet all your business needs – you may give a try to Joomla and to migrate all your content autometedly to Joomla with aisite just in a split of a moment.

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