Switching to WordPress? 7 Plugins to Begin With

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It is said if you gain time, you gain everything. And this quotation is so fair with the website management. Frequently, there occurs a situation when you adopt some, at first sight, revolutionary improvement to your web project, but time is running out so quickly, that very soon you realize that this effort worths nothing after all. So, how to dispose your time correctly and do not waste any moment of your website management?

Actually, the truth is obvious if you run your website using CMS/ platform. Unalloyed, the content management system is nothing more than a structure of ready-made fields for filling your website content. But, what does it worth in case you are not able to share it, optimize for search engines, or just simply make it look well. Here we come to the CMS allies – third party add-ons.

So, what is WordPress (that is a top CMS platform nowadays) without its plugins? Undoubtedly, their tandem is like a hand and glove. And a number of existing WP plugins have passed # of 1000 mark far away. So, if you are just on the path of migrating to WordPress, let’s dot all the i’s of the primary plugins to start your site with.

1. Wise Tracking

aisite-WP-Google-AnalyticsInitially, after your WordPress installation, it’s essential to set up your website analytics previously before posting a content. In this case, Google Analytics for WordPress plugin will be a nice solution for tracking your website visitors behavior. This plugin is simple to install and easy to manage.

2. No Chance of Spam

One more crucial thing is the spam protection. In this case if you know something about WordPress, more likely, you have heard about Akismet – anti-spam plugin. It covers the comments protection like following: it tracks the history of comments and denotes their level of protection. So, you shouldn’t spend your time on deleting bots spam messages.

3. Website Content And WordPress – Smooth Fusion

If you have already set up your website protection and your current website content may be moved to WordPress, there are a row of WordPress migration plugins made by aisite. Currently, it’s possible to migrate website data from Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, Blogger, Tumblr, static HTML pages, and forum data transfer to bbPress. The migration is absolutely automated that takes a few minutes.

4. Becoming Search Engines Peer

After your website data is moved to WordPress, it’s about time to think about search engine optimization. In such circumstances, you may give a try to the plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast. It allows to optimize your website content right in the admin panel and monitor all the keywords and metadata. Apart from these, social media analytics and images optimization are included.

5. Diligent Index

In order to make Google bots crawl all your site content, it’s recommended to generate XML sitemap that will include all your website pages. Google XML Sitemaps plugin allows you to generate your website pages that will be easily indexed by search engine bots.

aisite-social-sharing6. Sharing is Caring

What is a website that you can’t be shared? So, in order to let your users know about your posts, news and updates install WP Add Social Bookmarks plugin. It’s simple to set up without proceeding with the configuration.

7. Expand the Horizons

if you are sure-footed with your new WordPress website, why won’t you start running a forum simultaneously? You know, it’s a nice way to extent your website target audience and become an owner of the idea generator. So, starting such a project is a matter of a few clicks, for instance, you may install bbPress forum plugin. Then, you’ll have a single dashboard for your website and forum and can easily manage them.

Now, you know what should be the starting point of your new WordPress website. Improve your content management system with plugins to make it of fully-features value.

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