Superb Way To Master phpBB to Kunena Migration Without Breaking A Sweat

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Welcome to lazy man’s guide on how to conduct your phpBB to Kunena migration in a short period of time. I bet you’ll love the process described because there is literary nothing easier than content transfer if done with the help of aisite service.

What can you get? Quick and easily-performed migration from phpBB standalone forum to Kunena extension-like project. The switch is designed to be completely automated, so you need to put less effort than for making your morning coffee, for instance.

What do you need? Around 15 minutes of your time, your new forum installed and a strong desire for the new beginning for your discussion board.

Before revealing you a secret of phpBB to Kunena migration details let’s take a look at both platforms’ main features.

phpBB boasts being one of the early birds in the forum craft, it was one of the first bulletin boards ever created. It’s written in PHP language and may operate on PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database. phpBB is an open-source project, means that you don’t need to pay to use it. What’s more?

  • phpBB is a more techy platform, you’d need coding expertise to develop your forum or install add-ons;
  • it’s a standalone forum project; you can’t, for example, create a blog on its basis, simply provide nice space for discussions and nothing more;
  • phpBB has a robust security system, the spam filter is also available to install;
  • it provides a flat type of discussions when the latest message is seen at the bottom.

Kunena is an extension-like forum which is installed on your Joomla site. Thanks to that, Kunena doesn’t have a steep learning curve and is perfect for web novices, for instance. It’s also written in PHP language and may be powered by MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL database. It’s Joomla’s second lucky attempt to create a forum component. Its most well-known features are the following:

  • Kunena is easily integrated with your Joomla site; users don’t need to have a few accounts to reach your projects;
  • Kunena is as user-friendly as Joomla is;
  • it’s super easy to get a beautiful design for your Kunena forum, just google a bit and find the template of your dreams;
  • Kunena possesses a neat Access Control List system, it definitely helps you to create some special user groups.

Let’s get to the main point in our discussion then, phpBB to Kunena migration is waiting!

See how easy it is? No need to become a techy monster to conduct phpBB to Kunena migration. Jump on this page to check what you can migrate, run a free Demo and complete the transfer!

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