Successful Drupal to Joomla Migration: All Secrets in One Prezi

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It is a common fact that Joomla and Drupal are market leaders in the field of CMS. Both are free, open-source platforms, which have some certain similarities such as ease of use, flexibility, multifunctionality and so on. Moreover, these two CMS platforms have a lot of modules, themes, extensions, applications and other add-ons to please both a newbie and an advanced user. 

Drupal content management system was released in 2001 and has been downloaded for more than 15 million times. This content management framework is mostly used for a huge corporation and government websites as it provides first-class security for them. If we concentrate on the installation process, there is one click installation available, which takes 10 minutes on average to set it up. However, the whole procedure of Drupal website creation requires a high level of skills and coding knowledge.

While Joomla CMS, which was released in 2005, has been downloaded twice as much as Drupal, more than 30 million times. It is a CMS platform, which has thousands of free and commercial themes and more than 7000 no-cost extensions. If we talk about installation and moderation, we have to mention that Joomla is less complicated than Drupal and has relatively uncomplicated setup and installation. Besides that, Joomla CMS supports E-commerce and Social Network websites creation.

Take a Chance

If all the reasons mentioned above are grounded enough for you to make a final decision to migrate your Drupal website to Joomla, we offer you this brand-new Prezi, which will highlight all the necessary information you need for proper and automated Drupal to Joomla transfer.

So now you are aware of all the key steps for an accurate and flawless migration of Drupal to Joomla website. Don’t wait up any longer, take this chance and enjoy the results.

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