The Story Behind the aisite Project. Interview with Max Orlovsky

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Today we’ve got the chance to chat with Max Orlovsky, aisite Project Manager, to document his experience in running the project, how it manages to grow under the current economic climate, and how they’re planning to be successful in the future. Enjoy reading!

Hi, Max. You’ve been involved in aisite from the very ground up. So, can we have a bit of background information – how did the aisite story begin, what was the major motivator to start such kind of web project and what was your role in the project development?

Firstly MagneticOne started building websites and quite often it occurred that we needed to move data from one CMS platform to another. This is when I thought: “Hey, if we need to switch across CMSs so frequently – maybe it would be a good idea to create a tool to cope with the problem?”. This is how the idea of the aisite service appeared in my mind. At that time the service supported only 3 CMS solutions, but very soon it managed to expand the number of entities to 21 which are currently supported by the service.

What were the main challenges and the major achievements during this period?

The biggest issue was to develop the unique mechanism of data transferring for each CMS platform. Every content management system is different, having its own architecture peculiarities that should be considered when developing a migration path. Concerning achievements…  – every new CMS supported by our service is our great achievement. Besides, we’ve managed to make the service capable to perform data migration from virtually any CMS possible. And one of the latest achievements of the service are Packages that have been specifically created to migrate not only content, but also website design.

What do you think has made the service so successful and the brand so widely-known all around the world?

There is a team of more than 20 high-skilled developers, testers, marketing and support managers behind the curtains. Each of them is trying his best to improve the service, meet the clients needs and requirements. Each of them is a part of great success.

How do you see the service unfolding in a year’s time? In 4-5 years time?

There are more than 1200 CMSs that are currently floating around the web with one being more popular and customizable than another. Millions of website owners are searching the ways to switch across CMSs to make their web project meet the evolving needs of modern world. So, in the nearest future we are planning to expand the support list of our service making it more and more client-oriented.

Being on top of CMS platforms migrations, please share with us, what are the most popular migration destinations? What CMS solutions do people gravitate towards these days?

Currently there is a tendency to leave obsolete CMS solutions or those that for some reasons stopped providing support. In our fast-changing world it’s a suicide to remain with the platform that doesn’t keep pace with times. The most trendy CMS solutions are doubtlessly WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Where do you see the CMS market development in several years? What platforms will users likely to choose to switch to? Do you think the CMS migration still be actual?

I guess the CMS market will be flooded with tons of platforms allowing to create amazing do-it-yourself websites, such as Blogger, Tumblr, Wix. However, due to the fact that such platforms don’t provide enough functionality to create expanded web projects and web applications – highly-customizable CMS solutions like Joomla and Drupal will still be popular at the market. Therefore, users will switch across CMSs to find exactly what they need.

Thanks so much for chatting and sharing your experience with us, Max. Any parting words?

Make your life easier with aisite service 🙂

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