Stop Making a Bad Shot: Blog Strategy for Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress

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Contemplating about blogging is like indulge in philosophizing – at first sight everything seems to be a master stroke, but unfortunately not deeply effective. You should admit that there’s no absolute truth on this or that blog management strategy. Moreover, as a rule all your blog administration runs into the process of everlasting testing, analyzing, and planning. You know, sometimes you realize that this ‘going around in a circle’ can’t cut you adrift from the rest. In that sensitive time, when you are driven to the wall, you realize that your blog utterly requires the strict and accurate plan of website management.

That’s why we made the cheat sheet of all-purpose blogging strategy that suits such blogging platforms as Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. Moving to the target of the essence, let’s differentiate all the stages of blog management and optimization actions.

How to Make a Killer Blog?

1. Be a Precious Expert

aisite-build-blog-wordpress-blogger-tumblrAt the first stage, distinguish the purpose of running your website. Don’t rout you attention at the completely different special fields, it would be much more effective, if you just concentrate on some peculiar niche specialization. You may become a critic-expert, providing your clients with the objective and professional reviews of useful products. Also, if you promote your own product or service, you may compose the set of articles that will be of avail for your website followers. There are some major types of post you may adopt to your blog:

  • How-to Articles
  • Reviews
  • ‘Versus’ Articles (comparing the products, services with the common concept)
  • Infographics
  • Entertainment Posts (they might be at some humorous hue, something that make your followers relax and have some fun).

2. Plan Forward

aisite-plan-your-blog-postsGenerally, generate your own style of writing, keep in the loop all the upcoming holidays and events that are related to your website niche. It’s recommended to keep a calendar with all the important notes and dates. You may even create the section that is a tribute to some specific occasions. To take under control this issue strictly, you may activate some additional widgets or plugin to your blogging platform.

For instance, there’s a great event calendar for WordPress – The Events Calendar. For Blogger website, you just copy the code of the calendar (it may be Google calendar or any other) and paste it to the HTML layout of your site. Comparing these two platforms, WordPress allows to create more authentic calendar or event planner.

3. Be of Good Report and Friendly

One more positive practice of running a blog is the references to the third party sources. It’s a nice way to ring the change to your blog. You may repost the infographics, case studies, some stats, presentations. Don’t forget to add the author of the content you are sharing at your blog, make sure you refer to the right source, not just to another blog post that made a repost too. Also, make sure that the content you plan to use on your website is relevant and useful for your readers. You know sometimes, it’s better to check out twice whether the information is correct.

4. Logical Blog Post Anatomy

While speaking about the post, take into consideration the structure of the article. It should be approachable and scannable. Explorers have investigated that an average person who reads a blog post usually does this following the sign of letter Z. So, it means that your site follower takes a snalt at the beginning of the post, then quickly looks through the main body and fleetly looks through the last paragraph, and it’s just in the case, your post is worth their attention.

That’s why you should organize your content in such a way, your site visitors get interested even with that fleeting peeping. Hence, use bullets, numbers, short paragraphs, and media elements. Also, you may use some popular or eye-catching quotations. While speaking about the blogging publishing offers concerning this issue, there are a lot of WordPress plugins that allow to create beautiful quotations.

5. Sharing Means Caring

After the hours of writing, editing, and posting, it’s about time to notify your followers about the new post. Distinguish the perfect time for adding your post to the social media, just investigate when the traffic is the highest for promoting your post. Don’t forget about the social bookmarks, there are lots of plugins for sharing your articles. If you run your blog on Tumblr, but thinking about switching to  WordPress, don’t hasten with getting rid of your Tumblr web page. You may migrate all your content from Tumblr to WordPress, and then just post the short notifications on your articles on WordPress. In order to make this procedure more automated, you may install Tumblr crossposting plugin for  your WordPress site.

Do you have your own secrets and strategies of running a blog? Share them below:)

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