Start Using Data Visualization in WordPress ASAP: Here’s Why

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Data visualization is an essential part of every successful WordPress website. Every good marketer and website owner knows the value images have in communicating the information to the visitor, but this is not the only visual way to achieve that. Data visualization comes in the form of images, graphs, charts, and various design products that enrich the written content.

Why is Data Visualization Important?


Creating inviting and interesting content for your site is key to maintaining visitors and with a large number of websites currently on the market, this is simply not enough.


As a website owner, you must do many things to improve your site. Starting from performance boosts to SEO strategies, the job of a marketer is neither simple nor easy.


Let’s say you have written the best content there is on your WordPress website. You learned a lot about SEO and even hired writing services to help you get it right. Before publishing, you edited and proofread your text by using various tools such as Grammarly, PolishMyWriting, Spellchecker to detect those hard-to-find errors and flaws in your writing. You even hired a proofreading service such as Edu Geeks Club to help you make the content brilliant.


As soon as all this is done, you decided to publish that content on your website. But, just because the content is well-written and optimized for search engines, it does not make it easy to understand or appealing to the eye.


This is where data visualization comes in. If you combine that quality content and website design with data visualization, you can make the information on your site much more inviting and understandable.

Fortunately, there are many ways to visualize your WordPress posts. You can use photos, infographics charts, number counters, graphs, and various other tools to enrich your writing.

WordPress Tools for Data Visualization


WordPress has been first on the lists of website builders for quite a while now, and plugins are one of the reasons for this. As a user of this website building platform, you can enjoy the benefits it offers in terms of data visualization.


Here are some WordPress plugins you should definitely use for your website optimization:

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

The Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer helps users in creating graphs and charts by using the existing data from a CSV file, a Google Spreadsheet, or Google Apps Script. This plugin allows you to share the data visualization tools you create with others.


The Visualizer plugin is completely free to use and a great tool for even those without any experience with managing this platform. You can use this tool to create, manage and embed up to nine interactive chart types on the website.


Visualizer’s chart design is responsive – it fits any screen type, including mobile devices.

Iced Visualization Charts

If you are a fan of the basics, you will surely like this WordPress plugin. Create bar graphs, pie charts, and column graphs by using this one simple tool. You can input the data to use directly in the editor.


Infogram is so popular, it already has over 5 million infographics to show off with. This plugin provides users with a section of over thirty charts, including bars, pies, lines, columns, areas, multiple axes, bubbles, hierarchy, tables, word clouds, timers, treemaps, and facts. Users can import their data to these charts from XLS, CSV, CLSC, Google Drive, direct copy and paste of data, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Analytics, and JSON feeds.


Infographics are so popular nowadays, it would be a mistake not to consider them for your site. This plugin allows you to create an excellent visual format to explain your data, in the form of an interactive infographic that meets the web standards.


You will find many Venngage templates to use, as well as a grand choice of colors, element sizes, and fonts.


The sixth on our list is much more than an ordinary plugin for data visualization. Since it was first introduced by WordPress, it instantly became an essential tool for bloggers, writers, and journalists worldwide.

Known for its drag and drop features, Snowball helps you structure your entire posts, add table data, scatter plots, bar graphs, and various data visualization features in addition to your content.


With a whopping number of over 400 downloads, TablePress deserves a spot on our list. If you want to manage the data on your Google Spreadsheet without having to leave your admin dashboard, this is the plugin to choose. The tables created here can be published in content pages, posts, and even widget areas with the help of a single shortcode.

There are several popular features offered by TablePress such as custom Excel-based formulas, custom content, highlighting individual rows, etc.


Visual representation of your data is now a basic part of a website-building strategy. As a website owner, you must move forward with the latest trends on the Web, and graphs and charts are definitely the way to go. With the tools we introduced above, you now have a myriad of options to introduce data visualization to your website design.

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