SMF to vBulletin Converter: All the Power of Its Work

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Undoubtedly, communication is our ALL! But it’s not only shops, offices, streets and cafes where we can have a little chat. Thanks to the development of modern technologies we can get a fresh portion of somebody’s attention right from the comfort of our homes. I hope you’ve got what I’m talking about. Yes, it’s discussion board usage, or, in a nutshell, forum.

If you already have appeared with an idea of forum creation, then you know how many discussion board builders are over the net. phpBB, bbPress, Expression Engine, Kunena, myBB and the list can be endless.

Right now we will take a closer look at two of the most talked about forum boards and find out if there any SMF to vBulletin converter available. Don’t switch over!

Is SMF a Real Machine?

Having conquered the hearts of more than 15k website owners, Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a free software package which lets you develop and run a forum with no sweat. Often, forums are used along with websites and SMF is not an exception. It has SSI (Servier Slide Includes) function, thus makes your forum board and website interact with each other. But there’s a wrinkle in managing an SMF-powered board. Do not rely on free themes only, because, although SMF offers many of them, there are few high-quality ones.

Now, It’s vBulletin Big Break!

vBulletin is a top-rated forum software nowadays and has a great number of followers all around the globe. It’s needed to be mentioned that this board doesn’t limit you only by forum creation. Using vBulletin, you can develop a blog, a website or any other web project. Thanks to its multiple themes, plugins and layouts you are doomed to create a unique and super-functional discussion board. Although vBulletin is a commercial software package, it offers you 24/7 support, thus you are not losing a penny.

SMF to vBulletin Converter Part

If you’ve opened this article, then, probably you are looking for a safe and accurate way of moving from SMF to vBulletin. And such a way does exist! Have a look at the presentation below, and see yourself that SMF to vBulletin converter is just the solution you need.

Stop hesitating right now! If you have a slight idea of SMF to vBulletin migration, start Free Demo which aisite offers, and make your discussion board the best place for e-communication ever met.

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