SMF to vBulletin Migration: How to Do It Right?

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There are lots of forum software programs which enable you to create an online community. Some you know, some you don’t. That’s why it is time to compare two of them: vBulletin – the most reliable forum platform and SMF – free and easy-to-use software. So, which one would you like to choose to develop a discussion website on?

SMF Forum Software: Things You Should Be Aware of

Let’s start with SMF (Simple Machines Forum). It is a free software package which enables you to easily develop and manage a forum. You take control of every action and event that happens on your vBulletin board. Mostly, forums are used together with websites and SMF has the SSI (Server Side Includes) function which lets your forum and site interact with each other. The fact that it is easy to customize your forum developed on SMF platform is one of the many advantages.

But nevertheless, this software comes not only with benefits but also with drawbacks. Although SMF software provides you with lots of free themes, it is really hard to find quality ones. Another thing is that it takes some time to get support compared to other forum platforms.

vBulletin: Its Pros and Cons

Now it’s time to speak about vBulletin. It is a very popular commercial Internet forum software with many followers around the world. It is very important to mention that vBulletin doesn’t limit you only by forum creation, using this software you can develop and run a blog, a website and other web projects. With all its themes, plugins, skins and styles it is possible for you to create the unique forum. Although vBulletin is a paid software package, it offers you a 24/7 support which can and definitely will help you in case you have some questions.Convert SMF to vBulletin

Check up this table to see the common things and differences between SMF and vBulletin forum platforms.




Open Source +
License Free Paid
Installation Method Wizard Wizard
HTML + +
Emoticons + +
Formatting Toolbar + +
Categories + +
Subforums Unlimited Unlimited
Languages 47

Official: English, German, 

Translatable into any language

Friendly URLs Plugin +

 SMF to vBulletin Migration: Where to Start?

If you think that vBulletin is what you need then perhaps you should consider the option to move your forum content to this new platform. Just don’t think that you have to create a new forum from scratch. aisite website and forum migration service provides you with the opportunity to convert SMF to vBulletin absolutely automatedly. In other words, your SMF to vBulletin migration will be over within minutes.

So, don’t hesitate any longer and start a free Demo Migration to make sure that the migration is really easy and fast.

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