Simplicity vs Power. How to Migrate From Tumblr to WordPress

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In the fast evolving era of web technologies – letters, diaries, scrapbooks and photo albums (that we used to reflect upon our lives through) look somewhat obsolete and outdated. Today we share our thoughts through a stream of blog articles, tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos. Needless to say that blogging has become an essential part of our everyday life.

Before you revel in the glory of blogging, there is one big choice ahead of you: what blogging platform to use? Although there is a fair amount blog-publishing services floating around the Web – there’s no denying that Tumblr and WordPress are two of the most popular given their wide-reaching acceptance and deep integration on the Web. They look pretty much the same on first glance, but in fact are extremely different and custom-tailored for opposite goals.

The central tension is between control and target audience. In Tumblr your blog can be deleted in case you’ve violated the terms and conditions. WordPress, alternatively, allows total control over the content that means everything you publish you own. In terms of target audience, if you want your followers to be a group of close friends – Tumblr is a good way to go. In case you wish to reach out to a world community – WordPress takes the cake. WordPress especially prides itself on being able to suit the needs of professional users who wish to outfit their blogs with plugins and upgrades. Tumblr, to the contrary, finds grounding in short, community-driven posts that are usually packed with images, pictures and infographics. One more distinctive feature to keep in mind is that Tumblr is a microblogging platform (in other words, a network of blogs) oriented at social interaction between its users. WordPress is considered to be more professional CMS targeted at power-bloggers who want to blog seriously, get feedback and even make money from it.

Feel inspired to move to WordPress? Following the steps from the infographic provided below you’ll have your Tumblr content transferred to WordPress without any errors and gaps.

No more hesitations! Have a go with aisite: Tumblr to WordPress migration plugin to prevent yourself from investing excessive time and huge efforts.

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