SMF to phpBB: Absolutely Automated Solution [Prezi]

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Very often, when trying to decide the right platform for forum creating, simplicity is the first thing many users think of as a deciding factor. They don’t want to spend many efforts on a forum setup and wish to start the discussion right away. In this article, we will discuss the two easy for moderating and commenting forum platforms: SMF and phpBB.

Simple Machines Forum, an open source project made by volunteers from all over the world. SMF has different privileges which makes it so beloved:

  1. This free forum software allows anyone to modify or improve the source code.

  2. SMF is written in popular language PHP, designed to provide you with all the features you need. Its template system makes custom edits easier.

  3. This forum supports multiple languages at once, provides full statistics and gives an ability to install or uninstall mods.

Along with the statements above, this forum software has significant drawbacks that hold the platform back. SMF does not provide profile fields, has a lack of search flood control and has no customizable message filters.

Being one of the first forum platforms, phpBB forum software has been available at the web market for a long time. This software package provides its users with the user-friendly interface and pretty simple admin panel. Additionally, professional search features allow forum users to find topics and posts quickly. Technically, it’s possible to connect phpBB board with websites powered by CMSs like Joomla or Drupal. It is also needed to be mentioned that the forum board offers an extensive base of free mods, plugins, and templates which help to add extra functionalities to your forum and has different posting features.

Take a look at this creative new Prezi to learn more about SMF and phpBB along with the information on automated forum migration

If you want to migrate from SMF to phpBB and are looking for an easy and simple method, try aisite. All you need is to sign up for aisite, provide your site URLs, and your forum will be switched in a couple of minutes. This migration tool will transfer all your data without any software installation. Are you interested? Then set the migration in motion right away.

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