Seven SEO Essentials You Need For Optimizing Your Website

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that helps a website get higher rankings in search engines. SEO enables a site to get more traffic which in turn can be successful sales or leads.

Cross-device Compatibility

When you start blogging the first order of business is to get your blog noticed and have people come and visit your site. With this is mind, being able to cater to all formats or devices, be it laptops or mobile phones should be among the priorities. You should have a mobile friendly website. A responsive design is preferred for mobile optimization.

Content Quality

High quality content is critical for you to get higher rankings. Content is judged by search engines following the user experience metrics: Number of repeat visitors, dwell time and chrome bookmarks to name a few. Make sure you write relevant materials or make videos that are helpful and informative. Focusing on the user or reader to make sure they get the most out of your content. This would get you higher rankings.

Meta Description and Schema Markup

A Meta Description is a paragraph that’s usually short which appears under your page’s URL when someone does a search. Having a Meta Description is not a guarantee that you will get increased rankings but will surely increase your chances of coming up when a search is done.

A Schema Markup is code that you put in your website that help search engines return better and more relevant results for users. Content gets indexed and results return in search results. With Schema markup, it tells the search engine what your content means. For example, Donald Trump is in your article, the search engine identifies this and makes an SERP entry. With the right schema, it would tell the search engine that Donald Trump is the President of the USA. Thus making the search engine provide a more accurate result that gives better information.

Internal linking & Blog Commenting

Internal links are hyperlinks that direct a user to another page of the other website. They allow users to navigate a website and spread ranking power in websites. Internal linking helps you increase traffic to your site. Putting links to other websites provide ease for users to get to your page by easily navigating with the link. It also gets easier for search engines to find your site. This method also helps increase Google rankings for your pages.

Bonus: have a look at Diggity Marketing’s guide and see how beneficial link optimization might be.

Blog Commenting can help build links for your website. Aside from getting your readers engaged and making your site more interactive, commenting helps you build relationships with bloggers as well. Having a group of people who regularly comment on your posts show that people are taking time to read your articles and provide feedback and their reactions to it. Contributions of your readers in their comments make for a lively platform for discussion which help drive traffic to your site. Listening to your readers encourage them more to continue support and promote your website.

Promote Content In Social Media

One of the most obvious ways to increase site traffic is to promote your blog in social media platforms. Visibility in relevant social channels is key for your site to flourish. Posting in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus create awareness regarding your website. This provides you with more contacts. Create a group with the same interests in Facebook to promote your website with a more targeted audience. Joining forums in LinkedIn would also help your website.

Broken Link Building

Broken links can be used to your website’s advantage. You can send an email to the webmaster and inform them of the broken link. Aside from that, offer your link to replace the broken link. With this, you are fixing a link and doing something good for your website. To get the most out if it, choose sites or links that are similar to your niche. Choose half a dozen or more of those sites that have been around for a while. Get sites that are still generating good traffic. Verify the site’s links with apps like Xenu’s Link Sleuth that will allow you to see broken links and zero in on outgoing links which redirect to 404 error pages. If you now have a page that’s good to rebuild, check if it has a desirable number of backlinks and think of how you can recreate the page to look current and better.

Preserve SEO During Website Content Migration

It is essential that you plan ahead when thinking of updating your website or purchasing a new domain. This move may impact your SEO if not done properly. Strategically plan your transition. You can conduct SEO audits to construct a roadmap of what needs to be retained, scrapped and improved in your website. With this, you are guaranteed that you mitigate the risk of losing your rankings during migration.

By observing these seven essentials, you will be able to maximize your business growth. SEO rankings are critical in ensuring a thriving website that continuously gains traffic for leads and possible sales opportunities.


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