What is SEO Marketing and How it Works

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When the whole web world is buzzing around SEO, sometimes it’s getting harder to get to know everything about it since the info is constantly updating. For instance, do you know what SEM is? No? You’re not the only one here. Let’s clear the things up a bit.

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – is a complex of processes aimed to get as much traffic to your website as possible, plus improving its position on any search engine results page.

What is SEO Marketing or SEM then? While SEO is mostly associated with “organic” or “unpaid” results, means that everything you do to enhance your SEO score is entirely on your own, SEM includes both free and commercial methods of getting better results. Thus, SEM is just SEO implemented in your general marketing strategy.

Ok then, but how to get a balance between paid and free methods to keep the Google close, and your money even closer?

He who experiments with SEO Marketing, comes the first

First of all, though some may say that paid ads are not that beneficial for your website wealth, believe me, they still matter. Commercials attract people’s attention like big neon diner signs. It’s like, you’re not that hungry, but you’d pop in for a milkshake or so. People are curious, they want to explore, and they would explore your website via an ad if it is established correctly.

Have you ever experienced being “haunted” while surfing the Internet? It happens quite frequently when you visit some company website or google a product, and after that, you virtually start seeing it everywhere. The ad tracks down your web presence and pushes pushes pushes you to buy something or use the service. That’s what I call overmarketing.

So, do you think someone will click on that link?

Learn how to manage the advertising process, don’t create the creepy promoting material to scare off your possible customers. The target audience also matters a lot. For instance, if the person accidentally opened your link and spent a few minutes on a page, there is no need to offer more ads to talk him around.

So, what I’m trying to say is: include promotions in your SEM strategy, but don’t go too far with it. Also track your results from time to time, in that way you’ll always be sure if it’s worked and your money was spent wisely.

You can try out Google Ads, which include Search, Display, Video and Shopping ads. There is not only a rich choice among the services to get but also a proper guide which can come in handy for novice entrepreneur.

Don’t forget about basics though

Paid ad is a great tool, though it may be not the only one to include in your SEM armory. You can also establish a robust partnership with companies who share the working niche with you. Not your competitors, but more like services which naturally accompany your own enterprise.

Let’s give you an example: if your company deals with website design, having a partner service which creates themes may be beneficial. And not only that! Different marketing companies, web development blogs or content producing establishments – they all are titbits in your partners’ wish list.

How partnership benefits your business? Well, it all depends on the partner program each service follows, but in general, the info concerning partner’s company may be inserted in a special page. Thus clients, while wondering around the website, may check the partners’ info – bam, one click – and they are already exploring your own web project. Plus, if it’s a web development blog, you can make a cross-marketing deal and exchange a few posts on common topics, stuffed with an affiliate link or two.

Moreover, you can negotiate about embedding some colorful banners in your associate’s website, ask for adverts or service recommendations directly, offer guest-posting or creating special discount coupons available for users who followed your partners’ advice. How about co-working? It may turn into a huge advantage, taking into consideration the scope of clients two companies cover!

Final words

Well, I hope the pieces of advice I gave you will turn to be your leading methods in SEM strategy. But mind that it’s only a tip of the iceberg. More of the useful tools as well as marketing tricks you are to discover yourself, experimenting and developing your own SEO master path.

Meanwhile, you can also experiment with your CMS! Because your platform may be the one which prevents you to achieve a higher SEO score. For instance, it can severely affect your website speed or be SEO-hostile itself. No worries then, you can change it with a blink of an eye with aisite!  The list of the supported platforms is extensive and rich, check yourself. Also, set up a free demo to get the sneak-peak of your renewed website before making a final choice.

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