SEO Benefits of Migration to WordPress


What’s the point of creating a website if it’s accessible to you only? No matter what it is – a small personal blog, a startup business site or a news resource. It won’t do you any good, if people can’t find it.

So, how to make a website easily findable? The only way is to rank it high in Google search results (top 10 is the peak of every site owner desires). The task is not the piece of cake and it takes time. However, you can facilitate it by using the WordPress which is widely acknowledged as a very SEO-friendly CMS (Google loves it too).

What are WordPress SEO features?

Customizable URLs.  WordPress allows you to define the structure of your URLs and edit the links. What it gives you? Simply, you can make your permalinks

  • user-friendly (by clearly stating the topic of the page it’s leading to);
  • SEO-friendly (you can use your keywords in the URL, which influences rankings, too).

SEO-friendly website structure. With WP, you can create posts and pages and then categorise them. For example, you can change the hierarchy of the static pages or assign posts to several categories. This means, you can easily interlink your pages and alter the website architecture whenever you need.

Image SEO optimisation. Images are used to make posts or pages look more compelling. However, they are often neglected in terms of SEO. Why not use this fact to your advantage?

WordPress allows you to add title to your pictures and write alternative text (or alt text). Surely, if you include your keywords in those fields, it will be beneficial for SEO.

Automatic Pinging. Pinging is important for all websites, especially for those which are frequently updated to facilitate their indexing by search engine spiders.

WordPress has a built-in automatic ping function. Basically, as soon as you write a new post or add new content to your pages, the ping “informs” search engines that the website has been updated and it should be indexed. It will help to get your new post visible on the Net shortly.

RSS Feeds. WordPress comes with RSS feed available out-of-the-box. Basically, it means that your posts will automatically be displayed in multiple feed directories. There are two advantages:

  • your RSS Feed posts contain links to your site (and help increase rankings)
  • your readers can subscribe to your feed and be notified as soon as you publish a new post.

Desire to Switch to WordPress and Worried about your Current SEO?

When migrating your site from another CMS, you can experience the URL structure change. However, using 301 redirect is a good way to avoid ‘page not found’ errors. Concerning your rankings, they will not be affected unless you change the way Google crawls your site. Find out more about Website Migration: How to Preserve the SEO Juice.

Now you know how to make your SEO efforts easier. If you’re interested in moving to WordPress, aisite web service is a great option to import your content, categories, users, images etc to WordPress quickly and accurately. Find more details at

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