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What are the major pain points when blogging with Joomla? Is it possible to somehow settle the things in the right order? Agree, that Joomla is not for everyone. Not everyone likes the way content, appearance and in general, the process of maintaining a blog is managed there. What is the core problem? And how Joomla blogging drawbacks make its fans leave this platform?

In general

Joomla considered  as ‘somewhere in the middle’ platform. Some might think it could be ‘one suits all’ solution. Not exactly. In fact, a significant part of users admitted that for the most part being the ‘middle in the family’ is not always the best. For the beginners it might seem slightly difficult to start (and continue), for developers, there are limited opportunities to use in full their powers.

To begin with

As we’ve already mentioned Joomla with its medium-difficult learning curve might bound beginners to start softly creating their blog using Joomla. The limited amount of extensions (Joomla+7k) compared to another CMSs (Drupal +38k, WordPress +45k) frustrates many proficient users. Besides, a lot of alternative extensions which you can get for free (for instance, in WordPress) are paid in Joomla.

As for templates, their amount not so impressive too, while in Joomla there are +1k of them, WordPress can offer you +4k of themes and Drupal provides you with +2k.

Reasons people quit

If you want to change something on your blog with the help of coding, you should sweat a little bit more than usual. A lot of complaints refer to the messy Joomla code which can get bulky with times and slow down your blog speed and its functioning.

Joomla doesn’t come SEO friendly, right after you’ve installed it (unlike WordPress). To make your blog visible you should install SEF extension/plugin.

The content creation (adding pages, posts, media, editing themes) in Joomla sometimes might seem a bit less intuitive than in WordPress.

Joomla with its ‘Articles’ creation on suits mostly for static pages creation. And these, as we know, are website’s elements, not for blogging.

In WordPress, on the contrary, there is a clear steady line drawn between creating a blog and creating a website. This platform, at first was created to serve the blogging functions, thus seeing adding a ‘Post’ option here, seems more naturally for bloggers. In fact, the environment here feels to be ‘bloggish-like’.

Extensions compatibility might be a significant obstacle in your way to a perfect blog. This can be fixed with coding. But not everyone can code, right?

If shortly, there is a large gap between Joomla and WordPress blogging options . In general, Joomla is considered not being aimed so. On the other hand, Joomla’s complexity helps you to create a website with lots of elements and data customization options.

What to do then if not blogging with Joomla?

If more efforts are done, but fewer results are fruitful when blogging with Joomla consider switching CMS.

Why could WordPress be a good alternative?

–Because of large plugins and themes marketplace;

–Because of user-friendliness and seamless or intuitive content management/customization;

–Because of built-in SEO options;

–Because of not difficult themes editing.

Continuing this list is up to you. Try migration to WordPress, and you’ll certainly have more ideas on what to add.

Why migrate with aisite?

Automated migration can be your helping-hand-in-time if the time and data monitoring are important for you during the migration process. aisite safely and quickly moves your blog content from Joomla to WordPress, along with additional options for preserving your SEO rankings. Trying before buying? Free Demo Version is on its way to help you clarify the migration process more.

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