Quick Tip: Migrate From Drupal To Joomla

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What are Drupal and Joomla, first of all? They are your helping hands in website building. Both provide you with all the needed functionality and ability to develop any type of website, blog or e-commerce. Both platforms have features worth paying attention. No sore spots? Of course, there are. That’s why here we’re going to speak a bit more of Drupal to Joomla migration.

No, we DON’T BEAR in mind implicitly state that ‘you should abandon Drupal website and perform Drupal to Joomla RIGHT NOW.’ Drupal gives far more possibilities than Joomla in some aspects. Though, there are other situations in which ‘Joomla can’ and ‘hell-no joking’ (sorry for that), it ‘can.’

To prove that, let’s look at each platform thoroughly. Thus, are you with us?

Drip-drop. Drupal

The sun shines brightly on the one side of Drupal:

  • Know codes? Create an entirely separate universe. Think that Drupal is CMS? No, it’s also a CMF. Such a mix allows you to not only create a website but also, your own applications. Drupal is considered to be “one size fits all”. And that’s awesome.
  • If you need a complex website organization to be quickly created,
  • Drupal is yours to embrace. With Views, you can effortlessly manage your uneasy content organization.
  • Great community. Whatever trouble, Drupal probably has the strongest Atlas-like community.
  • A large number of useful modules (~35k).

But on the other, there is a solstice:

  • Let’s start from that for non-developers learn things about this CMS may be the first reason for migration to another platform.
  • Maintenance. Let’s say, once you’ve started your Drupal website, you should maintain it. –With Drupal it’s the second reason for migration. Maintenance requires the constant resources, which may or may not be wasted in vain.
  • Drupal updates come with bad words. Especially, when it comes to core upgrades. The same as maintenance, this part might be costly.
  • Modules compatibility depends strongly on updates. Thus, freshening up your Drupal website leads to that you should upgrade all your modules. In case, when the CMS itself gets updated, it tends to be more challenging, since despite from updating each module you should also look / wait for its newer version.

J is for Joomla

Regardless some Joomla disadvantages, like small extensions marketplace or that this CMS may seem to have less friendly interface, users still choose Joomla and perform Drupal to Joomla migration because of:

  • Joomla’s installation process is fairly plain. Generally, it comes in 3 steps, which are: customizing your website, creating the database and lastly, a final overview of the process. Instead, in Drupal installation process may be a bit of “too much or everything”, especially, after you’ve launched your Drupal website.
  • Joomla allows you to manage large hierarchies of articles and contents since this CMS is built with understandable and advanced navigation system.
  • Dream of e-commerce store? No more dreaming. Joomla is thought as one of the best platforms which suit best for e-commerce and business website running. Among the most effective e-commerce plugins, here are: VirtueMart, DigiCom, HikaShop, EShop, etc.
  • There may be fewer extensions than in Drupal or WordPress, though there may be such cases when one addon in Joomla can replace you 2 or more of them in WP or Drupal. Besides, even with a few plugins, you can make your website flexible enough.
  • Joomla customization and further managing are not so challenging as in Drupal but on the other side, is not as plain as in WordPress. Joomla is somewhere in the middle. Some may consider this as a disadvantage. What if we look at at this in a reversed way? Since Joomla is in the middle, it provides a comprehensible using both for beginners and developers. Besides, you should take into consideration that with each update, new possibilities emerge.

Thought of Drupal to Joomla migration? Let’s do it together with aisite. With the ability to look at first, how everything works with Demo migration, it gets better than getting a pig in a poke instead.

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