Promote Your Old WordPress Blog Posts with These 5 Plugins

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The article is focused on bringing together some of the best plugins aiming to popularize your old evergreen WordPress blog posts not letting them die in the depth of your numerous publications.

If you’ve been blogging for a while – chances are that some of your old content can get lost amongst all the other posts vying for attention. Truth be told, those posts could still drive traffic to your website and strengthen relationship with readers if promoted the right way. Interested? The following plugins aim to bring your readers deeper into your blog and make your past articles work for you.

Yet Another Related Posts plugin

With over 3,000,000 users, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is one of the most beloved choices for featuring past content on the blog. The plugin makes it possible to highlight related posts at the end of the article. Using a built-in algorithm to find related article –  the tool automatically promotes a small selection of the past content, choosing posts based on a combination of titles, tags, categories, and body content so they relate to the entry they’re posted under. To use YARPP there’s no special skills required and it only takes a few moments to setup.

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is another WordPress plugin aiming to improve relevancy by contextually matching posts. To provide a truly precise selection of similar posts to show – it automatically scans not only the title, but also the content of the article. The plugin includes caching to reduce the load on the server and is compatible with shortcodes, widgets and custom post types that might be already in use on a site. In case there is no featured image or post thumbnail – the plugin makes its best using images inside a post as thumbnail.

The Revive Old Posts

The Revive Old Posts plugin, formerly known as Tweet Old Post, is a plugin that solves perfectly two issues that every WP user faces – it reaches into the old blog posts and shares them on Social Media. Once installed and activated – the plugin provides its users with an opportunity to passively promote old content without their intensive hands-on. The tool not only maximizes traffic that Social Media can bring to the blog, but also is fully customizable – allowing to exclude certain categories or choose some other features required.


Mentionable is a rising-star plugin that has been specifically developed to give readers a chance to explore more of the older blog posts by interlinking the posts. With the help of the plugin it is possible to add links to the post a user is currently working on, that point to his previously published content. Once installed and activated, the @ symbol can be typed in the post editor to trigger the autocomplete feature. Typing a few characters after the @ symbol will display a list of matching posts from the blog. Then, all they need to do is to select one of the posts from the list – and the title of that article will be inserted into the post as a link.

Comment Redirect

Comment Redirect Plugin is a go-to instrument for those who want to promote the older posts as well as being thankful for the reader’s comments. To be specific – the first time a reader leaves comment on one of the blog articles, he’s going to be redirected to a certain page. Due to the fact that any kind of content can be added to that page (either important website pages or your social media profiles) – it also gives a great opportunity to thank readers for their effort. Therefore, the Comment Redirect plugin makes it possible not only to thank the readers for taking the time to comment, but also promote the older articles at the same time.

Final Words

Needless to say the the aforementioned plugins are not all possible to promote the old blog posts. However, installing them you’ll definitely inject life into your older content and increase the chances of your visitors stumbling upon it.

What are your favorite plugins to highlight past content? Do you use any of these? If yes, what do you like or dislike about them? Do you use a plugin that isn’t listed here? If so, tell us what it is and why you like it!

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