Platforms Battle: MyBB vs vBulletin. Who is Going to Win?


Looking for a discussion board for your website data? Lost in all and can’t find define which will be exactly for you? We have some great article, which aims to help you with the right choice of the platform board. Nowadays, there are various platforms for your forum data, but let’s talk about MyBB and vBulletin – as they are the most popular.

MyBB Useful Overview

MyBB, originally MyBulletinBoard, is a free forum software package that allows you to create forums, blog and even website as well. MyBB gives preference to a standard discussion board structure so your visitors will feel familiar with it.

You may keep your forum tidy with inline moderation feature. There are various of language packs and extensions for MyBB, which can be installed in few mouse clicks. It’s not a question to install plugins as all process takes only minutes.

Quick Overview of MyBB Features:

  • Private Messaging. Allows to send a letter to one or all users at the same time, privately.
  • Administration. Give you all possibility and control of data forum. You may delete or edit every message you want.
  • Template and Theme Editor. Enable you to customize the view of your web project. Moreover, you may create your own template.
  • Calendars and Events. Shows recurring or ranged events for users.
  • Moderation. Powerful instrument for staff who work for your website. For example, to lock or ban some users to posting on your site is not a problem.

vBulletin – Main OpportunitiesVBulletin-migration-aisite

In contrast to MyBB, vBulletin is a commercial platform which means that you must pay in order to use it. This platform board allows you to create community websites with unparalleled capabilities.

Moreover, you are not confined with a forum build, vBulletin gives the preference for you to create blogs, post articles, everything – within one dashboard. To install vBulletin is not a problem, as it has simple step-by-step guide wizard.

Let’s Check Up Chief Features of vBulletin:

  • You can customize templates and edit page layout. Moreover, there are drag-and-drop options. Due to its usability, it is very easy to set up any plugins and modules on vBulletin.
Applications include:
  • Discussion Forum
  • Groups
  • Polls
  • Blog
Management Panel for Every Role
  • Admin – allows to manage all of your content data
  • Moderator Control Panel
  • User’s Control Panel
Security system
  • This platform offers you the high-level protection, so don’t worry about hacking of your page
Message Draft Feature
  • You may write a message, then point the time of publishing, never mind whether you are online or not.
Leading mobile optimization
  • The integrated mobile version ensures visitors will stay longer and return.

Make Your Conclusion

So, now you are familiar with MyBB and vBulletin and their features which makes it easier to define which forum platform is for you.

In case you want to make your website much more professional and amazing you should transfer your data to vBulletin. Moreover, if you want to give your website data an explosive look, you may try Free Demo Migration and switch from MyBB to vBulletin with aisite. The process of migration will be accurate, quick and immaculate.

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