phpBB to Joomla Kunena: Choice of the Perfect Forum

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One of the most essential things in making your website live, up-to-date, and attractive for your followers is a forum. With forum, you will have not only an active community but also the pot of ideas and generated thoughts. However, all the difficulties run into one – the choice of the appropriate forum platform. If you are in the middle of the road between phpBB vs Kunena – you’ve come to the right place.

Running a website is like an addiction – once you start doing this, it’s impossible to back away. This engaging process is not only the way to spend your time, but also a great source for your income. Expanding your website with various subprojects like a blog, forum, online shop, intranet, etc., you may turn your website into a full-cycled profitable business.

Basically, two types of forum building tools may be denoted: bulletin boards that are developed for forum or blog creation, and those ones that are unified with CMS platforms. In order to catch the detailed differences of these tools, let’s have a look at phpBB vs Kunena comparison.

phpBB Bulletin Board: Genuine Forum Tool


  • User and Owner Convenience. With completely modularised user control panel, your forum visitors have full control over their accounts on the boards.
  • A to Z Customization. Within your admin panel, you may easily customize and configure almost every detail of your web project to your convenience.
  • Strong Level of Security. phpBB possesses a high level of security.  Forum offers its users the password hashing providing them with the reliable protection of their info.
  • CMS Integration. In case you want to integrate your forum with your site or blog, you have to create one and then establish the connection bridge with your forum. Keep in mind that your followers should have two accounts for the site and forum separately.

Joomla Kunena: Seamless Integration

  • phpbb_vs_kunena_joomla_kunena_forum

    Full CMS Integration. Joomla Kunena is not a standalone forum platform, but a Joomla extension that should be installed to your site core. In contrast to standalone bulletin board like phpBB, you don’t have to create a subdomain to connect your forum with the site.

  • One Registration for Website and Forum. There’s a need to create the connection between your site and forum, and operate all your web projects within one dashboard. Besides, users don’t have to register twice.
  • Single Design Solution. Joomla template is suitable for Kunena forum, however, the tablet responsive design is currently under experimental maintenance. Also, you may manage your layout separately from the styles.
  • Old Kunena Versions – Support in the Past. As far as there’s no business company behind Kunena and its developers are professional enthusiasts, all the old Kunena versions are not supported anymore and all the development processes are based on the new Kunena releases.

How to Make Your Forum Conversion

If you realize that it will be much better to have your forum fully integrated with the site and make all the modifications within one dashboard, you may easily migrate all your forum items from phpBB to Joomla Kunena with aisite. All the data will be automatedly converted in a few minutes and no coding at all. Watch a video tutorial about the Connection Bridge presented below and get ready to convert your current phpBB to Joomla Kunena without ringing the bell of a developer:

So, what are you still thinking about? Just perform your free Demo Migration and see how simple and fast your current forum may turn into the web project of your dream.

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