phpBB Pros and Cons: Your Forum Undertaking

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Generally, while speaking about the very root of forum epoch, phpBB platform may be considered as one of the founders of forum building tools. This open source online forum was launched in 2000, phpBB is short for PHP Bulletin Board. It possesses the advanced and powerful features that are the same thing for interactive communities on the web space.

phpBB is developed using the PHP programming language. It may be implemented into the multiple database engines, such as PostgreSQL, SQLITE, MySQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft MySQL Server, etc. Thus, you don’t have to worry whether your site database is compatible with phpBB. It comprises multiple languages, currently they are 47.

Let’s look through some of phpBB’s top features that each user should know before getting in with it.

phpBB Killer Features

Starting running your own forum project with phpBB, you may count on the following flying start features:

  • migrate to phpBB MODs for Enhanced Functionality
    phpBB MOD is a unique system that allows you to improve your forum functionality. It means that you are able to download all the essential modifications to make you forum management even more powerful and diligent. There are different categories of them in order to involve all the sides of your forum organization. You may be sure, that all MODs are easily download and installed.
  • Convenient Forum Structure
    phpBB will provide you with the flat message structure as opposed to threaded one, that is much more convenient for your forum followers.
  • Comprehensive Hierarchy
    It’s possible to create hierarchical subforums, user groups, and other categories in order to create the comfortable structure of your threads and posts.
  • Advanced Control System
    phpBB is characterized with its diligent protection system. It’s possible to ban users by username, name, and even IP address.
  • Strong Searching Functions
    There exists well-organised search function, and your users may easily try full-text search option.
  • Additional Options
    With phpBB, it’s simple to add multiple attachments types, automated image thumbnails, notification option.
  • Customization
    phpBB provides each user with the great ability of forum customization. It helps you to adapt all the management processes in accordance to your convenience. You may customize styles, templates as well.

phpBB Limitations

Considering the backside of phpBB builder, we may distinguish the following drawbacks (they are just few):

  • phpBB consForum, and Nothing, but Forum
    phpBB provides you with the only option to create a forum, but it’s impossible to run a website, or any other type of web project. However, phpBB may be implemented to your website, but work separately.

  • Hard Way of Popularity
    Generally, running a forum is not an easy matter. First of all, the management procedures are rather complicated and complex. Another thing, it’s difficult to get top ranking in the search, mostly it depends on your forum content. But on other hand, running your forum in tandem with website, you may get more users faster than you would manage them apart.

How to Move the Existing Forum to phpBB

If you already run your own forum, but want to try it on phpBB, you may easily move all your forum content with no hassles and losses at all. There’s an option to migrate Joomla to phpBB or convert your forum from WordPress to phpBB automatedly. It may be simply done with aisite. This online service will transfer your forums, posts, replies, topics, threads, user data from Joomla Kunena or bbPress to phpBB in the matter of no time.

Or in case, you want to try bbPress or Joomla Kunena, you may move your current forum with no efforts and time investments at all. aisite transfers your forum from phpBB to bbPress or Joomla with Kunena extension automatedly.

If you are ready to do this responsible step forward your phpBB rock forum development easily, you may start your free Demo Migration with no delay at. Make sure, it’s simple and fast absolutely.

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