One More Year Behind: aisite Is Turning 3!

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For all the world, aisite reports on its 3rd birthday!

Winter’s hoving into view, and for those of you who get to work in definitely not the best mood ever, this poses two tricky questions. Firstly, is there anything that would evoke a morning smile this season? And secondly, are there any jobs bringing sincere joy? The good news is that we’ve unearthed some trades of such a type. Whereas, to be frank, they’re among those engaged in our team.  

That smell in the air isn’t the cold season or the sad mood you sat down in. No, December 2015 brings the fragrance of something much more special: the third birthday of aisite. Over these years, our service has grown up into a world-class converter, a go-to tool for CMS migration. Our clients come from all over the world: Ohio and Nevada to Austria and Sweden, and that’s our pride.

To celebrate the birthday, we want to sincerely say thanks. For our team, you all are the genuine source of inspiration, and if not you, it all would have no meaning. The three years behind were productive in a number of directions. Much has been done and much has been changed. We’ve made up our best to provide a great functionality that would meet your needs. The infographic below shows what this work has resulted in as well as some of the achievements we’re glad to share.

Thank you for being a crucial part of our success! 🙂


Celebrate the 3d anniversary of aisite with us! Test out the CMS you’ve been seduced to try and see how your website would function like on an alternative web option with no cost and no regrets 😉

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