Why Move Joomla to WordPress? [Prezi]


Choosing the right web tool is never easy. You must take into account more than just what experts recommend – but evaluate how much you know, how much you want to know, and what your website goals are. While there is a gazillion of CMSs that do a fantastic job for certain purposes and people with certain levels of technical know-how, WordPress and Joomla! have emerged as the two that have made the most impact worldwide.

When it comes to Joomla! vs WordPress – there is no one-size-fits-all solution, however both platforms are pretty close to being one. Both are open-source and relatively easy to use; both can be extended below their initial goals by means of different plugins and extensions; and both have very active and thriving communities to cope with any issue. However, a quick Google search confirm the fact that presently a great number of users are leaving Joomla! CMS in favor of WordPress. But why is this trend growing? What are those WordPress’s prominent features that make millions of people all over the globe gravitate towards the platform? Let’s try to dot all the “i”.

Joomla! is well-known software package that is widely used for building amazing do-it-yourself websites of different types from a simple website, personal homepage to complex corporate web applications. Despite the fact that the platform has tons to offer, there are still some drawbacks that hold it back in the context of WordPress. They are:

  • Steeper learning curve comparing to WordPress;
  • Not SEO-friendly out-of-the-box;
  • Many plugins and extensions are not free;
  • Lower security level, is more vulnerable to threats.

WordPress, contrastingly, is currently listed as an award-winning CMS that comes shipped with all the necessary functions and even more to drive success in one place. The platform has proven itself as all-encompassing solution allowing to create any kind of website with any complexity and functionality. The following nice-to know features make WordPress unique:

  • Easy setup: it takes only five minutes or less to setup WordPress on a computer, which makes it a very time saving choice than its competitors.
  • Customization: there’s a bundle of themes/plugins available at WordPress to  beautify a site’s content as required and to expand the core functionality below its original purpose.
  • User friendly interface: the UI of WordPress is easy to use and it is highly intuitive even for the greenest of users.
  • Strong SEO features: being favoured by Google – WordPress helps to boost up traffic to a website.
  • Flexibility: due to the customized themes and plugins that WordPress has to offer, it is possible to develop all type of websites and blogs (e-commerce store, develop a portfolio or host a video site as well).

Looking through all the features mentioned above, it becomes obvious why the trend of Joomla to WordPress migration is constantly growing over the last decades. Thus, if you’ve already decided to try your site on WordPress, you should take one more challenge – migrate your Joomla website to WordPress. Despite the fact that the idea of migration naturally scares many folks – in fact, it’s not so difficult and tedious as it sounds. In order to check up Joomla to WordPress transfer in details, have a look at the prezi below for you to understand all the shades of website conversion.

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