Move Joomla to WordPress: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


The decision to move from Joomla to WordPress looks like the philosophical question of the modern times. You try to find out the main essences of choosing one platform over another, weigh all the benefits and downsides sides of both platforms and choose which one will meet your demands and wishes.

However, the essential issue of the switching website to WordPress  is whether the migration will really realise your expectations. So, should you migrate from your old good Joomla or not? Let’s analyse all the advantages and drawbacks of Joomla to WordPress migration.

Joomla to WordPress Conversion Gains

  • User Friendly & Functionality

If you want to turn the idea of the user friendly site management into reality, Joomla to WordPress content import may be a good idea. WordPress CMS is characterised by its plain and convenient functionality, that does not require any coding skills and specific knowledge. In contrast to WordPress, Joomla comprises features of a more complicated platform that is not easy to use for beginners.

  • Plugin Abundance

One more strong point of Joomla to WordPress migration is the quantity of plugins. WordPress offers you a huge variety of plugins that are easily customized (almost twice as much as Joomla does). You may add any peculiar functions to your website to optimise your content management perfectly.

  • Design Solutions

Migration to WordPress allows you to widen the artistic part of your website. WordPress  software will provide you with the designer developed templates that will fit to any fancy. The arsenal of themes (templates) will create the completed framework for any kind of content updates. You will be satisfied with the themes diversity – there are tonnes of free-cost and on a paying basis beautiful templates.

aisite-website-migrationJoomla to WordPress Migration Ventures

  • Traffic Loss

If you migrate your content from one CMS platform to another, you may lose some of your website traffic and rankings. So, to avoid this negative effect, you should be very well prepared for your move. By following the best practices for website SEO migration, it will be as painless as possible.

  • Customisation Gaps

If you have highly customized your Joomla website in this case WordPress switching might cost you a lot of efforts to bring it to the desired form all over again. Sometimes, WP theme looks well in demo, but when you start adjusting it to your website needs, you may face the problem of the widgets malfunctioning or other troubles.

  • Security

Security is definitely not the strongest point of WordPress, and here’s why. Since this CMS is open source and used by over 60 million websites, it is the most frequent target for hackers. By finding a flaw in the code, they automatically get access to lots of ill-secured websites. However, how protected your WordPress site will be depends on how well you will secure it.

On the whole, any website change involves efforts that should be taken for the further plain and speedy development of your webspace. If you do take the risk to move your content to WordPress or Joomla CMS platform, aisite online service will take care about every bit of your database to minimize the time and efforts for migration.

Just set up your free Demo Migration and your content import from Joomla to WordPewss will become for you the great star for you new website running.

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