Monthly Roundup: Unlock the Magic in Your CMS Now


Every website aims to be indispensable to its visitors. Every brand aspires to be the one people turn to without question. As you might have already guessed, indispensability is what we’re going to dive into in today’s CMS digest.  

Even at the heart of summer, the community has been writing about CMS enhancements a lot. We could not but gather all the bright pieces into this CMS digest. Enjoy the topic and find a couple of bright ways to learn, grow and be inspired. 😉

Are you ready for a stunning shot of fresh design and development resources? WPMayor has a few surprises that will fascinate you! Go ahead and check out an amazing collection of quality UI design resources for your site.  

Carrie Dils has written in the past about web accessibility and how to improve the accessibility of your site for people using assistive technologies. But guess what? Accessibility isn’t just limited to folks with disabilities, it also means writing code in a way that anyone can use it, regardless of their language.

Enter WordPress i18n (internationalization).

In its thirteen years of its existence, WordPress has enabled countless people to start their own websites, careers, and businesses online. That’s a pretty impressive feat and a testament to the platform’s abilities. However, nobody is perfect, not even our favorite content management system.

Look at some of the most common WordPress errors and issues and how to fix them with Torque. That way, should you ever encounter any of them in the wild, you will be more than prepared to deal with the situation.

Is your e-commerce site ready to rock this summer? It’s that time of the year when folks trade in their computers and keyboards for shades and sunblock, which typically isn’t the best news for your e-commerce store. In fact, summertime is the slowest time of the year for online shopping activity.

To help you avoid any downfall in profit, WP Engine prepared a white paper with some great strategies to drive sales upwards, ultimately making your e-commerce store more profitable year-round. 

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