Migration to WordPress: From A To Z [Tutorial]

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A well-working website after migration. It’s more than simply possible. To avoid any unpredictable issues during the migration to WordPress process, it’s recommended to follow the next steps:

Pre-migration preparation

Before starting the migration to WordPress process, make sure that the following steps are done:

  • Back up your current website’s info

While performing migration, aisite simply copies your data from one CMS to another. To ensure the highest level of safety, it’s better to make a backup copy of all the data of your current website on your hard drive, USB flash drive or DVD.

  • Install WordPress and set up your target website

Make sure your new website is available (WordPress installed and your new website is launched without any customizations). See if your hosting plan provides you with enough space to fit in all the data transferred from the current website.

Note: Your both websites should be live while performing the migration.

Migration process

  • Create an account on aisite website or sign in via Google+ or Facebook.
  • Calculate the cost of your migration to WordPress

Before implementing migration aisite pricing  allows you to determine the costs drawn for an indicated data quantity.

Also, aisite service provides you with all-in-one support services with different pricing plans and options offered.

  • URLs of your current and new websites are required

After you’ve signed up or logged in, provide the URL addresses of your current and new websites.

Note: You can choose a aisite test website, to see how the process works.

  • Download the Connection Bridge

The Connection Bridge ensures the safe data transfer and verifies the connection. The Bridge file should be placed in the root directories of both new and current website.

Watch a short video on how to deal with the connection bridge.

  • Choose the migration options

After the previous step is made you can proceed further. This stage includes choosing what elements will be transferred to your new website.

Note: You can choose additional migration options for the additional price.

  • Free Demo Migration

At this stage, you can initiate your FREE Demo Migration to WordPress. Thus, a limited number of pages, users, categories and comments will be migrated for you to check how aisite migration works. Approximate time of Demo Migration is 15-30 minutes (Timing depends on the contents amount are to be transferred).

  • Launch migration

After performing Demo version, launch full migration to migrate from your current website to a new one. If there’s not enough funds on your account, you will be asked to charge it. If you have a discount coupon code, include it in the appropriate field on the same page.

You can close browser window and after the migration process is completed, you’ll receive an email notifying that data from your current website was transferred to a new one.

Post-migration final steps

  • Test your website

This final step requires to check if everything works on your migrated website. See if all the data is still preserved and if the domain name is working. Links are important: fix the broken ones.

  • Request Remigration Service

Remigration service is provided when you need to do your website or forum data migration all over again after the migration has been performed. This procedure is recommended if your current or new website weren’t set up properly before the migration, the migrated content is corrupted as the result of incorrect configuration of the new website after the Full migration etc.

The migration process is going to be successful and effortless if keep the steps indicated above.

If any questions or issues evolve, please contact us and we will gladly help you!

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