Migration From Joomla To WordPress. Practical Preparation

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Before making any actions after the decision to do migration from Joomla to WordPress, make sure you’ve prepared properly to it. Yes, it’s definitely not a single step switch. Let us say, there are 3 main stages of a website transition.

These are: a preparatory stage, the process of migration, itself, and post-migration things to do.

Today, we would like to concentrate heavily on the most important pre-migration steps.

Why this stage exactly? The answer is, that the further functionality of your website will strongly depend on what was done before.

The very first brick is a Backup

Check if you’ve made a copy of your current Joomla website’s data. Before letting aisite perform the website data migration, a backup should be made to provide the highest level of security. At this stage, you can use plugins, like Akeeba Backup or any other equivalent.

New Website – New Domain

Changing domains. Create a new domain ahead of performing migration from Joomla to WordPress.

Consider that you would like to change your “coolwebsitesample.com” to “awesomewebsitesample.com”. How can this be done? With the setting up of 301 permanent redirects, which inform search engines that the website has “moved”.

To successfully implement 301 redirects choose the pages which draw the most traffic and have external links. After this, get a Google Webmasters account and point the change of address here.

As for Hosting

Before the migration, check if your hosting service provider supplies you with enough memory to place the migrated content.

What is FTP and How It’s Related to Migration?

In short words, FTP (file transfer protocol) is a method of quick files transferring from one computer to another over the Internet. Why do we need this? One of the steps when making migration from Joomla to WordPress with the help of aisite it’s that you should verify connection between two sites.

To do this:

–Download a zip file, which contains “aisite” folder and unzip it.

Here comes the FTP part. It’s up to you which one will be your choice: Filezilla, SmartFTP, etc. Generally speaking,FTP shows the “structure” of your website.

–After you’ve obtained login and password for your FTP access (which you should get from your hosting service provider) copy the ‘aisite’ folder extracted from the downloaded zip file to the root folders of both: your current Joomla and new WordPress websites.

–After the process, check if the bridge is installed correctly by entering http://[your site URL]/aisite/bridge.php within your browser address line. Here you should see  ‘Bridge successfully installed’ message which means your bridge is working correctly.

— Go back to Migration Wizard and click on ‘Verify source’ button. Consequently, you’ll see how the migration from Joomla to WordPress proceeds.

Extensions/Plugins Migration

Currently, aisite doesn’t support automated extensions migration, but we’re working on it. If you want to migrate extensions/plugins, please, order one of our Support Service Package.

In the nearest future, while performing the migration, aisite will offer you the modules (extensions in Joomla, plugins in WordPress) migration from one platform to another.

Here is a list of Joomla extensions you will be able to migrate soon to WordPress plugins, specifically:

Joomla Kunena to bbPress

Phoca Gallery to NextGen Gallery

sh404SEf to SEO Yoast

Other supported Joomla modules include:

Note that these modules are migrated to the Default WordPress Content

Joomla K2



JComments (migrated to WordPress Default Comments)

JomComments (migrated to WordPress Default Comments)


Entity Migration

In general, there are two aspects of entity migration to remember about:

In Joomla, you can create Articles. In WP – Posts. Accordingly, during the migration Articles are migrated to Posts.

You are also able to set a static page (like, About Us, FAQ, etc. pages of your Joomla website) as a separate page on your new WordPress website.

Custom Fields, Modules, and Entity:

If you have custom fields, modules or entities applied to your old Joomla website which are not included in automated migration, here are special data migration service packages, to satisfy your needs individually.

Save All the Pretty Design Things For the End

Only after you’ve transferred all the content from your old website, do the design part. Decide what’s more important for you. Data which is safely transferred or beautiful front cover but nothing inside?

When it comes to summing up the preparation steps, we might say that with aisite the road from Joomla to WordPress migration might be the right choice for your website and business prospects to grow.

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