Migrating WiX to WordPress: All the Way With Useful Plugins

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Needless to say that it is much more preferable to measure thrice and cut once. But honestly, how often do you make mistakes? Let’s look the truth in the eye, it happens regularly. Therefore, it is not always about doing the right things, more important is to move on. The same situation, when we talk about content management systems. If you are not satisfied with the CMS you currently use, just move to more preferable and that is it.

WiX is a nice choice for getting involved into website management at first time, and WordPress instead is more suitable for site owners who want more functionality and capability to customize the web project. In contrast to WiX, that provides you with the one design solution, with WordPress you have the opportunity to select different themes and redesign your website.

With the infographic below, you will find 5 most needed plugins for proper WiX to WordPress migration. So, go ahead and find out more in this nice and informative infographic.


So, keep all the best practices to make your WiX to WordPress migration smooth and effortless. Take a deep breath and migrate all your pages and images from WIX to WordPress during your coffee break.

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