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aisite Team is so excited with the growing number of positive feedbacks from their clients day by day. Becoming even more and more household name in the sphere of website management, this automated CMS and forum migration service is already a sought-for solution for website owners who want to transfer their website to another CMS or forum platform. And today, we’d like to share with you one more success story of quick and easy website migration.

Bryce Corkins, representative of Mindshare Studios – web design and development company, agreed to share with us the experience of migrating the site from Joomla to WordPress with aisite.

So, here is Bryce’s success story:

Bryce, please, tell us a bit about you and your company
Mindshare Studios has helped hundreds of clients bring their products and services to the web. We are a scalable web design and marketing agency adept at serving the needs of many types of clients including small businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies. Our business model is built to allow for greater flexibility in our approach so we can work in a variety of business sectors, on a variety of cost scales. We are always seeking clients that care for their work as much as we care for ours.

What was the reason you decided to migrate your website and why did you choose aisite for this task?
We were working with a client who had an existing Joomla website with thousands of articles in the archives. The client requested an overhaul of their website, and a decision was made to move to WordPress for its greater flexibility in content management. We looked at several solutions for migrating Joomla content into WordPress, but after spending several hours on failed efforts, we determined that aisite would be a faster and more cost-effective method.

What did you like most about our service?
The service used a straightforward interface, and the end result was remarkably free from errors (especially since we were moving over 1,000 posts). We originally had an error during the migration that caused it to fail, but the aisite support staff were able to resolve the issue and complete the migration for us within a few days, at no extra charge.

What is the major value of aisite in your opinion?
Ease of use, peace of mind. There are certainly cheaper ways to move content between architectures, but our time wasn’t worth spending five or six hours trying to figure it out ourselves.

What problem did you solve using aisite?
Moved a Joomla website’s content into WordPress.

If you were to recommend our service to other people, who would that be?
Individuals and agencies looking for a quick and easy solution to migrate between CMS’, at a reasonable cost.

Bryce, thanks a lot for your feedback! We are so happy to be of service for you!

P.S. You still hesitate whether to migrate your Joomla site to WordPress or not, above there’s good example of easy and fast switch. Make your final decision right now, and start your free Demo Migration to check up how your Joomla to WordPress migration acts.

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