Migrate WordPress Site if These Issues are Not Acceptable For You

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Just like Johan Cruyff said: “Every advantage has its disadvantage”. Even the most used and popular content management system. In case you have a thought to migrate your WordPress site to another CMS this article will help to make the final decision. We are going to compare its advantages to the relative disadvantages, so you will be able to define what is more important, what you can accept or what is the sign to say ‘bye’ to WP. 

Open-source system

It’s the first WordPress’ feature we will observe. Both sides of it.

+ It provides a possibility to build themes, plugins, make countless changes. WP is written using the PHP scripting language. This is one of the most used, so thousand of developers can create your dream site, you just have to choose what you want to see and the expert who will do it for you. Especially if you have a permanent team – WP is an amazing choice.

But, unfortunately, the same fact has its disadvantages. It makes your site vulnerable to hackers or other security issues. You could accidentally add a plugin that allows its creator to access your admin panel. This can ends badly. Your site even could get blacklisted and blocked.

Regular automatic updates

+ It is a good thing as long as we are talking about a proper work of plugins, widgets and other similar stuff. Sometimes they help to patch security flaws.

But, unfortunately, updates could also bring down your website. In case your template or plugins are no longer appropriate to the latest WP update, it can cause problems for your website workability. So you should better keep the template creator near you and always ready to update it. The more plugins you use – the more possible to face compatibility problems. That could be a question of life or death to your site. 

SEO tools

+ There definitely are many awesome instruments that provide strong SEO-friendliness. They can help to rank your website in a search system really profitably. If you are not a newbie.

In case you are not aware of SEO things good enough, you could meet some problems. For example, if you are over-tagging content and mark it into many categories, Google will indicate it as a duplicate. It definitely will have an influence on your SEO ranking – not a good one.

Website’s appearance


+ You can choose one of those beautiful themes – the free or paid ones. There are more than 11,000 themes, range from $48-$68!

But if you want to customize a site in a unique way – it’s necessary to have HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge or to hire a person who has this one.



In conclusion, I can say that WordPress definitely has its pros and cons, just like everything on this planet. So you won’t find a ready solution even if you read all the articles about this. Firstly, you need to define your own requirements and then analyze what is acceptable for you and what is not. What do you need and what is less important. And then – make your choice! Knowledge is power, you know.

By the way, you can find a lot of articles with CMS comparisons on our blog, to choose a perfect one for you.

In case you have made a decision to migrate a WordPress site to another CMS platform – you can use aisite service to do it absolutely easy, quick and automatically.  Even Free Demo Migration is available! 

How to migrate WordPress Site

  1. Register aisite account or Log in via Facebook or Google.
  2. Enter your current and new website details.
  3. Start Free Demo Migration and check results.
  4. Set up Full Migration.

So, don’t hesitate anymore! Perform this CMS migration, and breath a new life into your website!

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