Migrate a WordPress Site in 7 Steps: That’s Not a Myth

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It’s not a secret that WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. With millions of users, it is widely praised and appreciated for its advantages. However, as every coin has two sides, WordPress features also includes some drawbacks any WordPress-er needs to know about. Keep reading, and maybe the following information will serve as a spur to migrate a WordPress site to the more suitable platform.

Security Comes First

WordPress provides a very secure platform for its users, but it’s not considering that hackers won’t break through it. Everything has its downside too. Hackers are master in finding that vulnerability in any system. And when it is found, they can destroy your website in a way that it cannot be reconstructed again. After finding a loophole in your website, they can apply the same method to destroy all the websites available of the same type.

Plugins Might Be Dangerous

Most of us are aware of the fact that WordPress is has a super wide plugin diversity. But few know that the majority of them are developed by third party people. Some of them are just made for hobby or experimenting with their website and then made it publicly available. Now that plugin is installed on your website, and the chances that it will work or not are 50/50. What if it will not work cooperatively with your other plugins? Most of these plugins are not regularly updated by their developers so hackers can find a weak point to hack your website.

Say NO to Creativity

Designs, templates, fonts style, structure, all are pre-set on WordPress. When you start editing a website with own creativity, it takes the similar time as making a custom website and without a deep knowledge of HTML, PHP coding and CSS it’s not possible.

WordPress avail thousands of themes to its customers and business people but the drop point is when they choose a particular theme and use it on their website there are also chances that plenty of more customers would be using the same design.

Having your web-project on WordPress but want to avoid the above-mentioned drawbacks on it? The solution is to migrate a WordPress site! Below is the infographic where the fully automated move is shown in 7 steps. If followed one-by-one, you will enjoy your successfully migrated website just within a couple of minutes.

Now you can say “Bye-bye” to all those hackers, insecure plugins and similar design. Migrate a WordPress site to new CMS platform and breath fresh air into your website right now!   

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