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Wix is an extremely popular CMS solution. It has gained its popularity due to the simplicity that it provides its users with. The platform allows to start a blog in several minutes and not to worry about hosting. Wix is often chosen by those users who don’t have programming skills and time to dig deeply into the code. Presenting lots of modern layouts and fancy animations it makes it easy to refresh the visual look of a website as often as required. This piece of software is often treated as an ideal destination for photographers, musicians, artists and other creative users. All of them usually find a lot to like with the platform and are generally very happy with its amazing possibilities. However, there is “a black fly in your Chardonnay”. Actually, more than one:

  • Price – Wix provides full possibilities only for paid users. Otherwise, you will have limited functions.

  • Ads – in a free version your site will be full of annoying ads.

  • Domain Name – your page URL will look like this http://username.wix.com/sitename.

  • Design – once you select a template, you’re not allowed to change it.

That is why more and more users are currently leaving Wix in favor of another platforms. One of the best alternatives to move your site to is considered to be Joomla CMS.

Joomla includes all the necessary things to make your site popular and reachable. It has very powerful and user-friendly backend. Customization opportunities are limited only with your knowledge and imagination. The variety of extensions, modules and templates are really countless. You can find all you need to improve the functionality of a website in the marketplace. Moreover, the majority of 3rd party modules are free. Besides, Joomla community is an additional benefit and the place where users can get an answer to any possible question.

Check out the Prezi presented below and find out how you can change your current Wix website and move all the data to Joomla easily and quickly.

Don’t waste your time and money any more. Migrate from Wix to Joomla and get all the benefits from your new Joomla website.

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