How to Migrate ExpressionEngine to WordPress Putting No Efforts

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Remember when you first got a desire to create a site? That wonderful, thrilling feeling. Maybe, it was a non-profit website, a business project, or a simple blog. Still, you wanted it to be special. You may have chosen the CMS you’ve trusted the most, but times are changing as well as your needs.

In case you’ve grown out of your existing platform and want to migrate ExpressionEngine to WordPress, don’t leave this page! Prepare yourself for a nice ride of a neat migration process.

But first, let’s go through both CMSs and ensure once and for all why you should make a change.

Techy Monster ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is a platform created by EllisLab, written in PHP language and based on the CodeIgniter framework. It differs from some of the CMSs, including WordPress, being a commercial project. Thus it means that you have to pay some money to get it. There is a free core severely limited in functionality available to download.

What do we love about ExpressionEngine? Its superpower is being customizable, it’s pretty secure and robust.

Still, why we choose another option instead? ExpressionEngine is not a user-friendly platform, it’s more developer-oriented. Plus, there are almost no plugins to help you out, the ready-to-use templates are rare birds, and you have to be extremely patient and courageous to perform the site upgrade.

Web King WordPress

WordPress is a CMS which can boast of being free to download and use. It takes almost no time and efforts to climb its learning curve as there’s simply none. Anyone can get a WP site: from a web novice to a super developer. What’s more? Plenty of WP plugins, both free and premium, a ton of beautiful responsive templates and the best thing – it’s highly SEO-friendly. Get more Google-visible with WordPress site!

Migrate ExpressionEngine to WordPress

Well, sometimes one small step can bring a big change. Right, I’m talking about moving ExpressionEngine to WordPress. Now, when you’re sure that it’s a better choice for your site, let aisite take care of your painless switch. Examine this infographic and start the migration straight away!

If you’re looking for a more detailed guide, check out our ExpressionEngine Forum to bbPress Migration: How to Make It Painless? article.

Say bye-bye to your old ExpressionEngine site and greet a WordPress project with a big smile! Set up the migration, run a free Demo first and complete the switch after.

Estimate Your Migration Price

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