Medium to WordPress: Maximize the Value of Your Web Project

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When you’re building a new website, it’s normal to be concerned about whether it’s all going to work out. As most site holders, you’re very likely to have a few questions spinning round your mind:

  • Are people really going to read what I’m writing?
  • Am I doing the right thing by starting this website?
  • Will my site still be up and running in six month?

Even though there’s no way to guarantee the success of a new website, establishing a solid reliable foundation may prolong the viability of any fresh venture. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at two of the most popular CMS solutions that can help you reduce the mystery around getting your steps in web horizons.

Meet Medium – a pretty simple CMS, enabling to read, write, and interact with millions of ideas and stories from around the world. If your choice falls down to this web solution – simplicity is definitely a high demand in your consideration list. The fact that a slight customization hitch is often associated with this CMS make Medium’s supporters search for a smart alternative to switch.

The most optimal direction for migration is now WordPress. So let’s figure out what makes the majority of users gravitate towards this CMS option:

  • Versatility (the opportunity to create not only blogs, but also full-featured websites, ecommerce sites, expanded web projects and much more).
  • Total control (website content is totally under users’ command).
  • Gazillion of templates and plugins (it’s possible to make WP site look and feel as required).
  • Simplicity (no special skills are required to get started and operate it properly).

Got intrigued? Take a look at the infographic below with step-by-step instructions and make the switch of Medium to WP easily and quickly.

Tips and Tricks of Medium to WordPress Migration

So, there we have it. In case you’re seduced by WordPress CMS and ready to give it a free try – catch this excellent opportunity with aisite migration service.

Estimate Your Migration Price

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