Major CMSs in 2014: Great Expectations and Predictions

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Being at the threshold of New Year, everyone is in expectation of something new, majestic, and sundry. This is the time of bold wishes, future plans, and lion-hearted predictions. This is the time when you may finally defer to the turn of the tide and get prepared to ascend to the climax of improvement and growth. So, we’ve made so-called “crystal ball” in order to take a glance at the fates of major CMSs in 2014. Let’s make some predictions about the most-awaited content management systems’ updates, releases, and improvements.

Referring to the trends and website owners’ preferences, it has been distinguished three leading CMSs – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Each of them has absorbed the reasonable parts of market share, engaged the lifelong users, and produced to top websites ever. In such a manner, let’s come over to the WordPress crystal ball and get to know all the presents and surprises of this content management system.

WordPress 2014 Forthcoming Updates

Nowadays, WordPress lays hands of the greatest part of market share, because of its almost unlimited flexibility and remarkable ease of use. But, could it maintain its current position in 2014? Or maybe, WordPress should possess something more awe inspiring? Now, here’s a list of its upcoming features:

  • wordpress-2014-updates-aisiteTwenty Fourteen Theme
    New Year 2014 hasn’t come yet, but the new design option is already distinguished – Twenty Fourteen. That is a new default magazine designed theme. In the manner of WordPress, it is easy to install, and you may display your content in the magazine layout.
  • New Version Release – WordPress 3.9
    Is it WordPress, unless it doesn’t surprize? 2014 is year of new WP version release – 3.9, that is always a pleasure. What could be better – another Jazz masterpiece, new features and opportunities.
  • More Customization
    Keeping its best traditions – everlasting customization, WordPress team is planning to implement JSON application that will give you more options to make your site as convenient as it’s possible. This app is kind of the alternative for XML and used to transmit data between server and web applications.

Joomla 2014 Splash Timeline Moments

Many consider that Joomla is at the heels of WordPress. Undoubtedly, it’s because of considerably different website owners coding background. However, among the middle-oriented site runners, Joomla is the optimal solution for professional web project management. So, what should we expect from Joomla – more simplicity or its common high level robust features?

  • Joomla 3.5 – Stable Release
    It’s pretty obvious that every new Joomla release is both gleeful news and heart-pounding sign. On the one hand, it’s new opportunities, more features and pleasant bug fixes. But, on the other hand, Joomla upgrades are not so flawless and effortless, usually, it’s the migration procedure itself. Also, you should take into consideration that with the new Joomla 3.5 release, Joomla 2.5 won’t be supported anymore. Thus, it’s recommended to get prepared for your Joomla upgrade.

Drupal 2014 Plans For Future

Traditionally, Drupal team is trying to adhere the plan and has prepared the whole list of its future novelties. Keeping its diligent management, all the improvements will be adopted with every Drupal aspect.

  • drupal-plans-2014-aisiteDrupal 8
    Normally, Drupal developers has scheduled the new version release. Drupal 8 is already considered to be an extremely customizable as well as adaptable CMS platform.
  • Community in Mind
    It’s planning one more improvement of Drupal – Ganeti cluster. This management tool allows to provide better testbots with increased access for better responsiveness to community needs.
  • Security is the Highest Priority
    Being the basis of US White House, Harry Potter, and UK Government projects, security is the utmost feature of Drupal. And with start of 2014, the development team comes again with the internal security testing and maintenance.

Making a Wish

Summing up, the upcoming year seems to be pretty promising – full of new releases, improvements, and updates. What is your expectation and wishes for this new year?

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