Life After Migration to WordPress: Useful Resources [+Video]


Congratulations! The fact that you are reading this write-up is an indication that you have just completed your switch to WordPress and joined its huge friendly community or planning to do so in the nearest future. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that since WordPress is famous for being easy you can relax after your content is moved over.

In fact, there’s a whole lot of work in front of you, but don’t worry, this is going to be an enjoyable time of setting, decorating your brand new site and getting used to its new feel. If you’re not familiar with WordPress yet, we offer the list of useful resources to get your site running (and looking) exactly the way you want it to.

1. Test drive your WordPress site

Surely, you can’t wait to try your new WP engine in action. For this purpose, presents a great guide to test drive your WordPress site.

You’ll get the hang of its dashboard and find out what are your steps from logging in to publishing your first post and changing site appearance, plus it uncovers the peculiarities of WordPress menu. Also, look here for some practical tips on using the WordPress dashboard.

2. Security First

Even if your first post is already burning in your mind and you are in a hurry to start choosing the design of your WordPress website, take a breath and think about its security.

It is much more sound to invest some time at the very beginning and strengthen the protection of your Web home than suffer from the hacker attack and site exploit later on.  Applying basic security tips is not rocket science. No doubt you know some them – secure login credentials, installing security plugin and backup, backup, backup. More essential tips are offered in this post on WordPress security.

Such a big piece couldn’t be missed: Check out WPBeginner’s Ultimate WordPress Security Guide.

3. Customizing your WordPress


Apart from the security and backup plugins, what are the must-have ones? And what are the best plugins for SEO, caching, comments or social networking? You’d like to find answers to these questions? Here you go! List of the best and must use WordPress plugins to your attention. It also presents a number of plugins that might come in handy for the future.

Note. Don’t be too much obsessed with installing extensions you don’t really need. Remember that they might cause an unnecessary load for the server and make your site slower. Plus, plugins need to be updated often. Otherwise, this presents a security breach, which you don’t need at all.

Choosing a theme

WordPress boasts the biggest number of themes available among all the existing CMS platform. There are lots of free themes as well as a huge variety of commercial ones. So, the choice is going to be tough.

The following post is going to show you what features to look for in WordPress themes. It points to the major aspects to search for when choosing the appearance of your website and what things to be mindful of.

4. WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress CMS is a great choice to get the site ranked high in Google because it is very well fit for SEO. Still, it is important that you know all the tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

We offer you The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites by Yoast, which covers all aspects of SEO optimization – from permalinks, metadata and template optimization to off-page SEO techniques.

5. Migration to WordPress How To ’s

They say it’s better to see once than to hear a dozen times. So, if you’re not yet running a site on WordPress, but would like to – take a look at the video tutorial on how to move to WordPress with your content totally automatedly using an online migration service aisite.

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