Let’s put it simply. 5 Reasons to Migrate to WordPress

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If you enter in your browser’s search box ‘WordPress’ there will probably emerge a lot of questions, like why WordPress is the leader in the CMS market share? Why WordPress is almost a synonym to blog and why, in the end, so many users ask why and how to migrate to WordPress directly from their current CMS platform ?

Let’s do the count up to 5

#1 ‘At the beginning, WordPress was planned as a blogging tool’

But it doesn’t necessary mean that this platform is a total ‘blogging-machine’ and nothing else. The numbers say big: nearly 18m of websites run on WordPress, and nearly 80m blogs are powered by this CMS.

Other numbers say that for approximately 90% of website owners blog nowadays means a lot. It could be either one of their conversion or new audience obtaining rates resource. Launching your website along with its blog won’t be an issue with WordPress.

Are you a novice? Then intuitive interface and each function you need to see how it works are near at hand.

By the way, WordPress is completely codable, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript – choose (and contribute) from whatever you want.

#2 ‘WordPress And SEO’

Google loves WordPress. No, we mean it, literally. Even without plugins, WordPress is quite searchable. To make your website more viewable would be effortless both for a beginner or for a techie if migrate to WordPress.

  • One. WordPress has clean and very understandable by the search engines’ crawlers code.
  • Two. URLs are readable and can be customized.
  • Three. There is an entire ocean of SEO and content management plugins/options that help you to create even better content.
  • Four. Almost each content element ( like a page, a post, an image, etc. can have its own meta tag keyword, description, a title with specific keywords included easily).

#3 ‘Smooth Updates’

Perhaps, no other CMS updates as smoothly as WordPress. WordPress gets updated with a simple one button ‘update’ click and when we talk about ‘one-button click update’ we mean a lot of things, like themes, plugins, and global upgrades. The process of the update is seamless and critical incompatibility issues are rarely noticed.

#4 ‘The Whole Bunch Of Plugins’

Plugins fuel up your website/ blog at full. There are 47k of add-ons which will help to expand your website/blog functionality in times. Among the first-to-instal are security, cache cleaning, and SEO plugins. (In case, you’re building up a blog, check out previous article full of useful WP plugins to assist you). The range is really wide. From e-commerce ‘heart’ or ‘business’-like plugins to fancy ‘to-procrastinate’ minigames addons.

#5 ‘Appearance and I want to look differently’ part

Themes question has always been a significant one since it is responsible for what users experience when they visit your website. WordPress is very liberating when it comes to design, letting you create a look you want for your website with no restraints.

Another important feature is that WordPress provides the opportunities to edit your theme with CSS comprehensive editor + there are plugins to expand these options. If you choose among +4k of free themes the level of customization here is more than enough, it allows you to change layouts, patterns, placement, colors, etc.

If you would like to find more weighty arguments on why migrate to WordPress, why don’t try this platform with Free Demo and see ‘all the insides’ yourself with aisite?

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