Leaving HTML and Switching to WordPress. Means and Reasons… [+Video]

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Website Renaissance: Right from the Start

html_websitesDo you remember the era of static HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) sites? The time when a webpage was like a masterpiece created by several developers. The period when programmers used to spend huge time and lots of effort to build a website with just a few pages. The time when to make some changes or add some extra options to a website it was necessary to hire an expert. Luckily, the epoch of static HTML websites is over. The revolutionary invention of content management systems (CMS) have opened new horizons of website creation not only for programmers, but for non-techies as well.

Let’s now dive in deeply in the core differences between static HTML and WordPress-powered websites to clarify those reasons that make millions of people all over the globe gravitate towards WordPress.

  • HTML-based websites expanding is time consuming and costly,
  • There’s long training required not only to master, but even to update the content or make some changes to it,
  • Content can be added only manually, page by page.

In a nutshell, HTML-based websites should be high in the consideration list for those willing to create small brochure-style websites consisting of 5-6 pages and with no need in regular updating.

Static HTML vs Dynamic WordPress

html_vs_wordpressWhat this all boils down to is that it’s much more beneficial to convert your static HTML site to WordPress due to the following benefits:

  • Money Saving. With WordPress you do not longer need to ring the bell of a developer to add new pages for you. It’s time to make the edits yourself whenever you want and save the money you would’ve paid your expert to have the job done.
  • Out-of-the-Box Extra Options. WordPress makes it easy to implement any additional functionality to your existing website. A huge library of plugins helps a website grow and scale as needed.
  • Highly Interactive. WordPress by default includes a “comments” feature that allows your visitors to write their comments and give feedback. You can later reply to the comments and therefore create an online community of like-minded people sharing their thoughts.
  • Enhanced Security. WordPress can make your site hacker-proof. This feature is not available in static websites. By “hardening” your WordPress installation you can make your site safe and secure protecting yourself from being hacked.

In a nutshell, WordPress has proven itself as a universal CMS solution that makes it possible to create any type of website with any complexity.

In case your “traditional” static website doesn’t fit all your requirements any more – give a try to more dynamic and feature-rich WordPress. Following the video given below, you’ll definitely go through the migration process seamlessly and stress-free. Interested yet? Keep watching:

Hopefully, the aforementioned information helped you to make the right choice between these two frameworks and provided the basic information for painless switching from HTML to WordPress. So, what are you thinking about? Make the final choice and initiate migration immediately!

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