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When there’s a nice product, it means two major interdependent things give impulse to draw the successful pathway – a spark of inspiration and constellation of genius. And these are completely referred to WordPress. Everything that is corelated with this content management system reminds the bundle of energy, powerful motive force, and the inspiring idea ahead. So, being excited with the people,  who are actually standing behind all the outstanding web projects, we have started Experts’ Insight series.

Every time, preparing and communicating with the gurus, evangelists, and participants who make their own contributions to CMS platforms development, you are imbued with their inspiring and expert mood. That’s why we have prepared the selection of useful tips, tricks, and secrets of managing CMS platforms. And today’s post is basically concentrated on WordPress. So, here it is.

WordPress Behind the Curtain

Despite the fact, WordPress is, in all senses, the most user friendly, intuitive, and flexible CMS platform, there are some myths of its majesty that should be shattered for every user. Or anyway, below you’ll find some tips on how to erase any hassles with your WordPress website.


1. It’s not About Blogging Platform, It’s About Your Wish

Many, who just discover WordPress or simply chance to hear something about it, think that WP is used only for blog management. But, in order to object this statement, here’s what Bill Erickson, WordPress expert and consultant, says on this, ‘WordPress powers 18.9% of websites today. Of those, 69% use it as a CMS only. Only 6% use it as a blog only. About 5 years ago you could say it was a blogging platform, but that’s just not true anymore.’

You see, the scale of your web project is not restricted with the WordPress, in fact, WP is a kind of accelerator of your website development and improvement. Simplicity doesn’t mean limitedness.

2. It’s not About CMS Platform, It’s About Hosting

Actually, a lot of things depends on your hosting – the loading time of your website, caching, scaling, and security. Jason Cohen in our interview assures that WordPress Core itself is extremely secure, but if the hosting provider, the environment isn’t secure, clearly the entire system is insecure. Jared Atchinson says that cheap plan might be fine if you are hosting your personal blog about cats, however businesses need to realize how important their websites are and not neglect hosting. It’s better to spend money on a reliable hosting package that includes the WP installation process, caching, and generally support.

3. It’s not About Starting from Scratch, It’s About Migration

If you are just thinking about switching to WordPress, you should consider a few shades. With a little content, the copy/paste process could easily turn post into WordPress pages. If there are a lot of types of content, the automated solution comes to the rescue. The real challenge occurs when you want to migrate your current design as well. Because of the different structure of theme format, you should absolutely rewrite the layout and styles. That is why it’s recommended to install theme from scratch.

On the whole, there’s always space to get better. If you are still thinking whether to switch to WordPress or not, just try Quick Wizard to see how everything looks like.

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