Kentico vs. WordPress: Which One Should Be Your Platform of Choice

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Creating and maintaining a successful website is a difficult matter. One of the essential parts of this process is choosing a CMS platform. A fitting tool can make the task simpler, however, if you go wrong with your CMS solution, there is a risk that you will have to work even harder. Moreover, it can have a negative impact on the success of  your site. The question is – how to approach the selection process correctly?

When it comes to Kentico vs. WordPress, the answer lies in your intentions and budget. If you are looking to create a large robust website and can afford to pay a pretty penny for it, Kentico should be a platform of choice for you. WordPress, on the other hand, is recommended for those who want to build a smaller site and keep it within modest budget limits.

To speak in more details, Kentico is ASP.NET based CMS that helps to build and manage different types of websites. Due to the fact that it allows to scale and expand the site quickly and effortlessly, Kentico is widely used by corporate giants. This piece of software makes it easier to build an enterprise-level site, implementing workflow features that simplify the content management. In addition to that, Kentico’s advanced caching functionality and minimal code loading help the pages load faster. Last but not least, Kentico is a very stable software, with a great set of strong out of the box security features.

Having said this, Kentico also has some drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • Price. Currently there are 3 download options to choose from with the prices ranging from $3,499 to $14,999. There is also a free 14 days trial version available.
  • Small community. Kentico has a relatively small community, therefore forums are not the best source to seek support, however this platform does have a 24/7 support system to compensate this drawback.
  • 3dr party components. This is a drawback for users who are dissatisfied with the components that Kentico has to offer.

WordPress, alternatively, is an optimal way to go for those users who want to create an eye-catching website without ringing a bell of a developer. An intuitive interface and an extensive out of the box functionality of this platform enables even the newbies of site administration to successfully build and manage a website. Additionally, WordPress comes shipped with a gazillion of free and premium plugins allowing to further scale and customize the site as needed. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the SEO either. WP is favored by Google, so you can easily boost up the traffic to your site. Finally, being a part of WordPress’ large and welcoming community means that in case you have some issues, you can easily find help on forums.

Overall, as it has been said earlier, the decision in favor of one platform or another should be made on the basis of your goals, skills and budget. In case you feel that you would like to leave your Kentico platform behind and give a try to WordPress, look through the prezi below that provides a step-by-step instruction on how to migrate from Kentico to WordPress effortlessly.

Don’t hesitate to make the right move and switch to WordPress with aisite Migrator.

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