Joomla versus WordPress —And Why That Might Not Be The Right Battle

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WordPress is better! – No! Joomla is better! Don’t you find it to be an eternal tug-of-war between two leading CMSs? Besides, seems like everyone is fed up enough with this constant fight. Though, is it a real fight, or it just depends on how to use each platform?

Let’s find out more how everything works in these two powerful machines.


Getting Started

Joomla (6,2%of all sites globally)

10 minutes and you’re managing your website right out of the box. The complete downloading and installation process is included. Don’t forget to get familiar well and thoroughly with the interface and editing before creating something.

WP (26% of all sites globally) is half less time consuming since installation takes only 5 minutes and WYSIWYG editor is more slightly comprehended.

How do I look (and work)?

Joomla! has a 1000+ choice of templates to offer. You can choose whatever color, shape, font, etc. you want. Moreover you can opt a theme which suits best for your website concept. This CMS is also famous for its profound and credible extensions (6000+). Security measures? Website additional management tools? Commerce addons? It’s not even a question for Joomla!

WP made up of over 4000+ templates. With such an abundance of themes, you can make your creation look really hot, no matter what you’re up to: blog, business or corporate website. What about plugins? You do want to know, because there are 45k+(!) of them. Everything you want. From safety and website speed increasing, to advanced content management tools. Build up a random sided website.

Best fits for…

The core of all the controversies between WP and Joomla! users. The reason is that each platform is applied best for this or that type of business. With Joomla! You can make powerful commerce websites (like Peugeot, Yamaha, IKEA, etc.); news and media websites (like ITWire, LA Weekly, the Hill… ); government, education and nonprofit sites (Harvard University, Latvia official website, The United Nations Regional Information Centre, etc.); organizations and companies (Linux, Epson, IBS Software).

As you’ve heard (we’re sure that you do, dozens of times), WordPress is number one in creating blogs. Though, not the only blogs made WP 5 star reputation. But with blogs we will start 🙂 The CMS is known for powering such giants, as Playstation.Blog, Reuters Blogs, The Official Star Wars Blog (May the force be with you), Ford Social, etc. Many news delivering and magazines websites use WP: The NY Times,  BBC America, Time Inc., The New Yorker. Entertainment and media: MTV News, Sony Music. Companies and technologies websites: eBay Inc., Xerox, TechCrunch, IBM Jobs, Microsoft News. To complete this list, all the paper in the world wouldn’t be enough.

“De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum”*…

We meant that lots of people, lots of tastes. The choice is yours, after all, it just depends on how you’re going to use WordPress or Joomla! In the end, it’s clearly seen that one platform is much more popular than another, but it doesn’t mean, that any good websites run on that platform. Here you could see examples of how many and which sites run on both different CMSs.

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