Joomla to WordPress migration: Why an Automated Move Is the Best Solution

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Choosing the right CMS is a significant step in managing the process of further website performance. It’s never easy; every platform has its pros and cons. Consistently, after spending time handling the content management system, which doesn’t give the full list of opportunities, the dilemma of the CMS shift appears. As the website is growing bigger, the question of the future platform becomes a priority to keep it developed up-to-date.

The reasons for transferring the website from Joomla to WordPress can be various. Let’s shortly overview why WordPress is so popular and what is the secret of its success in comparing to other platforms, including  Joomla:

  • an amazing website functionality. The ease of website management is delightful not only for the beginners but even pros;
  • a diversity of the plugins and themes. It empowers the platform possibilities and gives the WordPress an endless opportunity of customization;
  • an incredible SEO-optimization. A platform is stuffed by different search engine capabilities like on-page SEO, permalinks, title tags, headings, etc. As it was mentioned, the assorted specialized plugins will make your website ranks fly up;
  • the platform updates. Here again, WordPress wins with the lack of difficulty – to say roughly, a couple of clicks are enough to provide a system update. In the case of Joomla, the installation of a new version requires adjusting the CSS changes. It foresees the time, efforts and sometimes the help of technical stuff.

So, we have come to the point – our plan is to move from Joomla to WordPress. The complexity of the migration process can push away people who haven’t made any investigation. Let’s go deeper to understand the ways to make it possible.

The migration performance

The common ways of moving a website from one platform to another are the following:

  • manual website transfer;
  • importing information from the MYSQL database;
  • hiring tech engineers;
  • using a professional service for automated migration (aisite service is a great and unique example).

All of these options require a different combination of time, money and efforts/knowledge. An automated process has the main privileges – quickness and efficiency. What more?

  • Preserved SEO Juice

Automated 301 redirects keep your rankings and visitors after migration.

  • No Coding or Copy/Paste

Forget about hours of manual work – a few mouse clicks will do the job.

  • Preserved Categories and Content Relations

Automated service won‘t change anything, the risk of information loss is minimum.

  • Time-Saving

The average time for the website migration is 15 min.

Summing Up

In fact, website migration is not that difficult. aisite service can prove this right now – the Free Demo set up will show you the process and results!

As you can see, aisite service is an easy and fast way to do a Joomla to WordPress migration. Forget about the difficulties and let your website grow bigger and bigger! Keep tight to this guide and enjoy your new WordPress website!


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