3 of 2015’s the Most Googled Joomla Site Problems

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If you’re following many Joomla! groups on Google+, searching for a cure, or inspecting the latest related to the CMS, then your timeline is undoubtedly chock-full of a certain article about hacks, core of the site and the indicates on server problems. Taking out of context, the gents seem to be concentrating on the platform pain points. Indeed, Joomla site problems happen (and remain to occur again).

So, you’ve decided to find your website fault and now have just got to figure out where to start. The way we see it, there are three routes to take. Here, the ins and outs of each, when were they troubling folks the most, and a few leads to get you started down each path.

The Server (Particular Over the Summer)

You’ve got to know a thing or two about how to setup your server right to prevent 500 problems before they ever start. And a smart choice of a web host here’s the key.

So you blew a ton of cash on the perfect host for your Joomla! website and now you’re hoping to enjoy its awesomeness for more than just a month. Makes sense. If you check these two recommended, you’ve got nothing to worry about (including money). If you don’t, here’s what you need to do in order to make this thing work.

Recommended Hosts


Before you get your site set on this, take a good honest look at a high quality Joomla! host’s practical features. The set of these reasons will tell you whether CloudAccess can go the distance.

  • Joomla! expert support +on phone
  • Daily offsite backups
  • Pricing starts at 5$ a month (when paid yearly)
  • Official provider of the Joomla! demo site


Read the tags on Siteground hosting and figure out that it’s cheap. If not, you should be given a couple of extra pockets to work with 😉 So provided your budget is not under, say, $5 and you’re skilled enough with using the Internet, you might be most inclined to check this out:

  • SiteGround’s servers are “Joomla-friendly” so you don’t suffer problems installing and using extensions
  • Their in-depth knowledge of Joomla ensures that problems actually get resolved
  • They will transfer your existing Joomla site to their platform for free
  • Your site can be hosted in one of three worldwide data centres, ensuring a fast response for your local audience
  • They include a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Current pricing is 60% off – starts at $3.95 a month

The Site (Especially in the Beginning of the Year)

With all the money you saved on not throwing down on hosting, we recommend picking up some good-quality professional assistance that’ll keep your website fine. If you’re a gent who doesn’t like to mess up hands with code, or if you need a site to backup quickly, you might want to rethink Joomla Developer Listing.

What’s more, the importance of updates cannot be understated. Love it or hate it, you’ve gotta admit it: updates are a must. These days, to take your Joomla website away from problems (and not to google for a further fix) — keep your website renovated, including the extensions. Simple, right?

The Hack (Forever and Always)

The stress of bad results from websites being hacked is real. The easiest way to up your Joomla! site game and to survive this unpleasant experience (if not to have the tech skills needed) is to reach out your hosting provider or to visit a service such as myJoomla.com for a help. Luckily, if nothing else, you will at least calm down that the site haven’t struck upon a hack. Granted, that in itself might help to troubleshoot with a clear head.


When it comes to running a website with Joomla! CMS, if you’ve got a good eye, and really know what’s this web technology is like, you’re in heaven. But if you’re just a guy trying to lead his online page without leaning entirely on coding, it can be an overwhelming process.

Enter: reaching for a development assistance not always must to be a pain (including the finance). But meanwhile, we’re going to advise you to cop and make a regular checkout on your Joomla! core and its extensions to be updated. It’s possible, even likely. that it won’t prevent every possible problem, but at least a bit assist you to keep up on the safe way.

aisite go-to testing tool is Easy Joomla! Migration, which we feel worth nothing for a try. It’ll give you that quick-but-effective move you need to convert your site nicely, but not overwhelming.

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