Joomla or WordPress Doppelgangers: Extensions or Plugins?

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Consider that you’ve started your website on Joomla or WordPress. You have an aim, and you’re working hard on bringing it to life. You’re researching capabilities of the CMS, you’ve chosen and gathering more information for the proper later analysis. That’s all cool and important since these are the steps without which you can’t move any further. You should also think about how to make your website even more ‘pimped.’ Here are Joomla extensions and WordPress plugins to help you.

Let’s get some difference details first


When looking at Joomla Extensions Directory page, there are 34 different addons categories where you might find, add or improve the functionality your website lacks in. In general, there are 7849 extensions in total (almost half of them are free). Joomla is known for its ability to build large websites with letting you keep control over large data amount. We couldn’t also miss the fact that with each update Joomla is broadening its functionality specter and makes user ‘sit and draw back’ even more comfortable.’

What extensions/plugins organization is like here, anyway?

Joomla extensions can be divided into 3 parts.

  • Here you have plugins — which add simple custom features to your website (like contact forms, or adding any additional information to content). Plugins, according to Joomla are associated with trigger events in a sequence.
  • And Modules — resemble widgets and used for page rendering. For instance, you can add to your website a widget/a ‘box’ with ‘recent posts,’ or ‘latest comments’ included.
  • And Components — are considered to be the most complex type of extensions and allow you to expand the functionality more. For instance, you want to create an e-commerce store, so the components like Virtuemart assist you in supplying your website with every must-have e-commerce element.

The extensions installation process is fairly effortless and goes in 3 ways in general:

  • You can upload extension installer compressed in a zip file, unzip it and simply install.
  • You can install the extension from the directory which predicts the use of FTP to place the addon to your Joomla website extension folder. After the process, you can indicate the path of that folder and install the extension from there.
  • You can install from the URL address, where Joomla will upload the extension from the link, you’ve entered.


If counting the plugins amount, WordPress is definitely a winner here. You can choose from ~47k plugins here and any category you want. Whether you build a blog or a website, WordPress offers any type of plugin suitable for you. When starting a website in WordPress, plugins which are responsible for security and caching should be installed first of all. When moving to the content managing part, SEO plugins and content navigation plugins are important here. WordPress addons play quite an important role here, as without them, your website is only an ‘empty box’ inside. It gets clearly that with the help of WordPress you can build anything you want— a service provider website, a forum, a portfolio, etc.

If when talking about Joomla extensions and their ‘triple’ structure, in WordPress everything comes more unified.

The process of WordPress plugins installation/updating is a simple one-‘install’ button click, so there are usually no serious issues.

Perhaps these are the reasons why WordPress is a bit of higher preference than Joomla.

In the end, we would like to finalize; that choice is after the user and his/her needs required for setting up an efficiently working website. If you stand between Joomla or WordPress, don’t forget about the extensions/plugins which make order out of chaos on your website.

Already tried Joomla along with its power of extensions and didn’t like it work for you? Try how your website would look on WordPress and migrate it. Or vice versa, of course. The right of choice is up to you.

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