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Among the huge variety of CMS platforms, Joomla is considered to be one of the kings. The possession of multiple features, extended functionality and operation simplicity makes this software the respectful website management tool. Moreover, Joomla based web page looks like an artistic masterpiece of design creation.

Recently, Joomla developers have offered us K2 extension. This newly Joomla improvement immediately made a great resonance among the website runners. Using K2 greatly widens the platform functionality and makes it simple to use at the same time.

According to these descriptions, there is a question – what is better to use – Joomla itself or extend it with K2 addition. Or, maybe, they serve for different purposes?

The comparison of Joomla and its K2 extension will be the right way to count corners on this topic.

Website or Blog Managementjoomla_to_k2

Considering the main purpose of the platform usage, you should distinguish what improves the management process of blog and website respectfully.

Running a website is the easiest way with Joomla platform. It offers the rich features to make your site the place of constant users gathering as well as the convenient tool for operating.

In contrast, Joomla extended with K2 addition is the best optimisation for your blog running. It provides you with the total control over the content.

Content Enrichment


Speaking about the content management, the truth is that Joomla is not so strong with media dealing. You have to install additional plugins for enabling comments, tags, images or videos. But, it’s not a problem, because the huge diversity of add-ons are available for free as well as on paying basis.

In this case, K2 definitely wins. It comes with comments, tagging and media functional out-of-the-box. You may create many posts and assign them to the loads of categories, which are much more easily customized. In contrast to the default Joomla version, K2 offers article image gallery, fully updated media bar manager, image resizing tool and other benefits.

User Friendly/ User Unfriendly

Frankly speaking, Joomla is an appropriate tool for the complex site management. If you are just a novice in the website running sphere, you’d better to look for less complicated content management systems. But, on the other hand, Joomla possesses the most convenient editor manager and other drag-and-drop options.

In contrast, K2 appears as the real platform improvement. Actually, K2 serves to simplify all Joomla functions without additional extensions installation.

 Features Joomla K2
community websites blogs
Media Manager basic      extended options
Tags +
Comments +
Multi Category   +
Article Image Gallery +
Author Info +
Ease of Use + +

On the whole, it looks like the pupil exceeds the master. But also, Joomla allows you to run even the community sites and perhaps, that’s why the pupil exceeds only in a few aspects.  Anyway, Joomla functions with or without K2 are constantly estimated and every time it proves its professional development. Joomla is a platform for mega website and at the same time K2 makes everything simple.

If you are running the website at another platform, but you are inclined to import Joomla to K2 or move content from K2 to Joomla, do not hesitate. aisite migration service offers you the exceptional ability to import your data to Joomla or K2 automatically in 15 minutes on average.

Website content elements available for migration to Joomla or K2


Automated migration looks good to you, but you’re still unsure? Then set up your FREE Demo migration and make sure to import Joomla to K2 without ringing the bell of a developer.

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