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A Few Simple Reasons to Use Joomla as a CMS

Today Joomla needs no introduction – everybody knows it’s a content management system and it is very popular. But when it comes to details, it is not always clear what Joomla is and what it does. If you’re using another CMS and you want to migrate to Joomla, it is important to learn all the necessary information before you do that.

So, Joomla. What are its merits and peculiarities, which make it so famous?

Joomla is used by millions of people all over the globe. The websites it powers are quite different – from small personal pages to official sites of large companies, such as Linux and Peugeot. High functionality, ease of use, expandability, a large community – these things make Joomla one of the leading content management services.

Joomla Is Highly-Functional

The standard out-of-the-box version of Joomla offers a set of useful content management features, including the following:

  • Customizable menus with multiple options
  • Registration system, user groups, access permissions
  • Multiple languages for both front-end and admin panel
  • Authentication via OpenID and Gmail
  • The possibility to download PDF versions of web pages
  • Multiple contact forms
  • Search statistics for administrators
  • Convenient link management
  • RSS feeds
  • Polls, ratings
  • Integrated help section

Joomla supports descriptions and keywords for search engine optimization as well as understandable URLs.

Joomla Is Extendable

The way Joomla works and looks can be changed and modified by plentiful extensions. There are five types of them: components, plugins, modules, templates, and languages. Components, plugins and modules extend the platform’s functionality and add new features. For example, VirtueMart is a plugin for ecommerce – a full-function online store. Templates are used to change design, which is completely independent from the site content. A template can be used either for the entire website or for a part of it. Additional languages make your site multilingual.

Extensions make your site look and function just as you want it to. Joomla official directory offers more than 6,000 extensions. Most of them are free.

Joomla Is Handy

Joomla is flexible and highly-functional, though easy to set up and manage. It doesn’t require much technical skill, although you may need to read some tutorials and documentation to learn how it works, especially at the beginning.

The platform’s usability doesn’t mean it is lightweight and meant for something small and simple. With Joomla it is possible to create any type of a website. Blogs, communities, online stores, forums, galleries, corporate and political sites, news portals, personal pages – anything. In case of Joomla accessibility and high functionality is not a contradiction.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

The word Joomla is derived from the Swahili word jumla, which means “all together”. The title seems to describe the platform in the best possible way, because Joomla is a large community of people – a team of developers, designers, translators and copywriters, as well as an army of users. Joomla is constantly developing, providing regular updates, new useful extensions, translations etc. With Joomla’s open PHP code, anyone can contribute. Countless online resources – forums, articles, tutorials, instructions – provide decent support for both beginners and experienced users.

Migration to Joomla? Easy!

Joomla is certainly worth your attention. But if you still have doubts, take your time – read the documentation on Joomla website, visit the forums. Also you can check out the online demo version of Joomla and see how it works by yourself.

If you’re sure that Joomla is exactly what you need, you can convert your website to Joomla quite painlessly with aisite, an automated service, designed specifically for migration between content management platforms. With aisite your Joomla migration is so simple, you could do it standing on your head.

So, you are on the edge of doing this? It’s time for sweeping actions! Just set up your Demo Migration for free absolutely and here you go with your new Joomla website!

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