Joomla CMS: the Scale of Pros And Cons



Joomla is an open source CMS software that comprises all the features and patterns to make your website the page of inspiration and embodiment of technical development.The huge amount of websites based on Joomla CMS platform look highly professional and feature great design. You may be asking yourself, whether its really possible to achieve this when you are only the amateur? Is it a comprehensive basis for a person with no coding skills?

Undoubtedly, this platform, as any other, has its benefits and drawbacks but let’s distinguish what turns the scale.

Joomla Strong Points

Set-Up Lightness

Joomla installation provides you with the easiest steps to start your website running, you need only a host with the server. Next, you install the template you wish that takes you no more than 10 seconds. Then activate your template and it’s in the bag!

Extensions Rock!

Joomla offers you the diversity of extensions to improve your website. Components, plugins, and modules are open source features and also there exists a number of commercial add-ons. The list of the abilities is endless! You can extend your website with catalogs, comment forms, chats, shopping cart, banner advertising, social network integration, blogs, etc. – to your wish.

Joomla Editor – No Better One

If you work the world with Joomla, you know that the editing process is the most pleasant work. The well-arranged editor comes right out of the box.

User Permission – As You Wish

When you come to the site running decision, think about the visitors access. Consider who may make comments, publish and edit articles, manage the content and other options. For the sake of convenience, Joomla  proposes you nine different  types of user access.

Comprehensive Joomla

Joomla CMS boast of its flexibility and design solutions. More than 4,000 templates are easily built and customized. Both designers and developers will be satisfied with Joomla website.

Will the Cons of Joomla Make the Verdict?

Are You a Pro? Stay Confident!

There is no need to make a secret that Joomla is a user friendly platform. But not for complete beginners. If you are newbie, you will have to spend some time learning Joomla functions and general usage. This CMS requires certain adaptation and time to become accustomed to.


A lot consider that Joomla is not always good for SEO. Perhaps it is a myth, and we may bust it. When you have some experience with Joomla website running, and you manage it correctly, this software is as SEO-friendly as the other CMSs. There are particular Joomla SEO modules that should be installed correctly, and it will definitely provide you with the better visibility on the Internet.

Extensions Combinability

The installation of various extensions may bring in issues as they do not always combine with each other well. For instance, when you set up the next particular feature, it may cause some compatibility problems which you have to fix immediately. So, it is proved one more time that your Joomla CMS requires the deep knowledge of the platform.

Nevertheless, with Joomla CMS you will have a good grip on the website management. Just a little bit of patience and perseverance and your website will be the one of your best dreams.

If you are running the site at the other platform, but want to get more, migrate to Joomla CMS. aisite online service will convert all your website entities to the new platform without any discombobulations and waste of time. Ready to start on? Register an account and with automated Joomla migration turn your amateur site into the professional one!

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