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Check up the automated comments migration opportunities! Today, aisite announces JComments migration support! Look at the new features for your automated Joomla migration:

  • Migrate comments from Joomla JComments extension to your new website CMS.
  • Transfer comments from your current CMS to Joomla JComments.

If you’re migrating to Joomla platform, aisite will move all your comments directly to JComments extension (make sure it’s installed on your Joomla site). This will provide you with the great framework to start your smooth and flawless website management.

aisite is an online service that performs website data conversion automatedly, comprising a huge number of supported entities. The migration service is constantly improved to relieve you from the migration troubles.

So, don’t hesitate, move every piece of your content to a new CMS fast and in just a few clicks with aisite. Start Demo Migration to check out how smooth is the automated data import and be sure – you’ll start enjoying your new website in no time!

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