It’s All About Blogging (Again). WordPress vs Drupal 10 Plugins & Modules

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Creating highly effective blogging machine, requires the choice of a certain CMS. But the option is far not the end. Maintenance and keeping the ‘pumping-heart’ of your blog might depend on how and what blogging plugins/modules you install to expand the functionality of your blog. Let the today’s topic concern the choice of WordPress vs Drupal must-have blog plugins and modules. Both platforms have extensions to boast about and help you create an eye-catching blog.

Tell about yourself with Drupal

Drupal supplies you with each medium needed to create not only a powerful website but also a great blog. The current CMS is known for its flexibility and optionally rich functions. Consider installing the following plugins as you want to start your blog using Drupal and creating a high-quality content for the targeted audience would get even more enhanced.

First of all pay attention to the following modules, which significantly simplify blogging here.

The most prominent ones are the following:

Views (of course)

The current module made a lot of noise out there. But why it’s that important? Views allows you to make your content organization better, by offering to filter and displaying content by date, type, author, subject, etc. For instance, you would like a block of 5 recent blogposts, or posts created by a certain author to be displayed on a certain page. In fact, the methods of customization when using Views are almost endless here.

CkEditor and QuickEdit

A bit about editing part. WYSIWYG editor is here, simplifying your job of content creation, evaluating it by previewing it and editing it on the fly. It’s now more effortless to keep things in order and control the quality of content creation.

QuickEdit allows you to make text corrections/improvements anywhere (really, anywhere) directly from the front-end of your website.

Note that those 2 mentioned above are notable Drupal 8 core modules


If you’re a novice and just getting into Drupal blog building details, consider installing this module, which will make your URLs more ‘readable,’ thus more SEO friendly. The current extension automatically generates URL aliases for different types of content (terms, users, taxonomy, etc.), by making it look like /your-category/your-node-title instead of /node/123.


Embed the most used comment platform to your Drupal website. The module is easy to install and monitor the users’ activity on your blog. So, it’s more than simply recommended.

Social Media

Which makes your Drupal website integrated with social media giants, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ with an opportunity to add more and follow+share buttons.

(By the way, wish Drupal all the best, since recently Drupal 8 turned one ).

Blogging gets pro with WordPress

At the beginning, WordPress was planned as clearly blogging platform, but with this CMS ‘spread-scale’ it has become something more than simply a blogging tool. Nowadays WordPress powers nearly 26% of websites globally, and ~80m blogs run on WordPress.

Want WordPress to be your blog-machine? That’s good to know, also think about installing the next plugins to make your blogging soft and smooth.

Security and SEO

After you’ve launched your blog on WordPress, Security and SEO plugins are the very first to have in mind. One of the most used WordPress SEO plugins is SEO by Yoast. The plugin is really simple in use and helps to improve your content by analyzing and telling you which elements you lack in your content to get more ‘viewable.’

As for the security part, the most downloadable one is Akismet which was downloaded more than 35m~40m times.

Make WordPress blog even faster

Such plugin as W3 Total Cache , which increases the speed and reaction of your WordPress blog by reducing download times via features like content delivery network integration and makes it closer to your users.

Disqus Comments (x2)

Adding Disqus plugin to your WordPress blog will allow you to monitor and manage comments on your blog.

Editorial Calendar

The current plugin enables you to see all your posts, time and date they will be posted, change your posts dates by dragging and dropping them, do a quick edit of the post’s content.

Digg Digg

Adds social media share buttons to your blog in the form of a floating bar. Let more people know about your blog and create a community of followers, who contribute.

The list continues and continues and continues… and continues 🙂 (Yes, we are implicitly hinting at the urge to try out WordPress vs Drupal blogging plugins to see everything for yourself and decide which platform will make your blog to live long and rock hard.)

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