IP.Board vs vBulletin: Forum Supremacy Question

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IP.Board and vBulletin are considered to be one of the most stable and trusted forum platform leaders. Robust functionality, ease of use, engaging forum management – everything you need for the smooth and flawless forum running. Moving on into depth, let’s discover the very cores of Invision Power Board and vBulletin.

What You Pay is What You Get

Both vBulletin and IP.Board are commercial forum software. If compared, the former is cheaper – the price starts from 10$ per month depending on the forum size. For your vBulletin forum, you have to pay 249$ that includes free forum support for life and one month for ticket support. In case you want mobile suite bundle, be ready for a separate price. Also, the version upgrade takes up from 209$.

IP.Board and vBulletin Intended Purposes

IP.Board_vs_vBulletinWhile speaking about the working scopes of vBulletin and Invision Power Board – basically, they serve various purposes. However, analysing the main tendencies of this forum platforms, vBulletin is generally used for business, while IP.Board is for entertainment matters.


Comparing IP.Board to vBulletin boards, latter attracts more attention due to its functions and features. While vBulletin has many free mods (modifications) and hooks available, IP.Board, to the contrary, comes shipped with a few of free mods requiring extra payment. However, if you want to create your own modifications – IP.Board is more user friendly and does not require strong coding skills.

Media Conduct

If you are thinking about your forum media side, vBulletin allows to add pictures and attachments that can be downloaded to your local PC. IP.Board, contrastingly, requires additional spendings on the IP Downloads purchase.

Other Web Project Integration

IP.Board_vs_vBulletinUsually, the forums does not exist separately – they are integrated with other web projects, like website, blog, online store, etc. On this subject, vBulletin gives an opportunity to integrate blog with the forum that allows you to feel free to manage forum and blog within one dashboard. IP.Board, on the other hand, requires extra payment for blog or chat integration.

Migrating IP.Board to vBulletin – Worth Trying

Obviously, if you shoot on the leading and progressive web project, you should focus on the ultimate and rich-featured forum platform any time. If you think vBulletin might turn into the strong side of your forum management, what’s about moving your IP.Board content to vBulletin?

Just try aisite automated forum migration service, that takes just a few minutes to turn your forum into the dream one and converts from IP.Board to vBulletin all your threads, posts, user data, pictures, attachments, etc.

So, start your free Demo Migration right now and get ready to see see that the migration could be simple, fast, and effortless process.

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