Important Factors to Consider if You’ve Outgrown Your Web Host

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An efficient web hosting services play a key role in ranking a site on Google as well as optimizing it for better user experience.  It is quite easy to determine the best hosting for your site, simply select the space, speed, bandwidth and other special features to shift your business online – running over millions of users. Not long ago, business owners suffered from major limitations imposed their current hosting plans.

A web hosting must work according to your website needs and must cooperate with the basic factors i.e. loading speed, security, uptime etc. to deliver the best service. In the start, you might have hosted your website using a cheap hosting plan. But now that your website and business has grown to an extent, you may be thinking to upgrade your web hosting plan. It is recommended to upgrade all resources utilized in a website along with its development. For instance, a hosting plan that was used to handle 10,000 visitors per month can’t handle 100k users per month.

Website Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website not only affects the user experience but also comes in handy for Google to rank a site on search engines. With the advent of mobile devices and internet, it is important for a website to maintain it loading speed for desktop as well as mobile version of the website. Google take this into consideration while ranking a site. It surely isn’t the only factor to determine a successful online business, but it surely leaves an impact on its algorithm.

When we talk about reasons that lead a website to slower loading speed, most of the time they are design related. However, it can also be due to a cheap web hosting service. Using the same web hosting plan when your audience is 10 times greater as compared to when you availed your plan can lead to such situations. Therefore, it is essential you choose a web hosting above your website needs for future use. 

Low Security

Website security has always been an important factor for online businesses irrespective of the website type. From a simple blog to an online store, a web host must provide adequate security to its users.  You have to make sure to keep that your audience’s, buyers, and user’s personal data is secured. For instance, if you’re going to start blogging and anytime soon you wish to sell some products on your website too, there may be a need to change your web hosting plan.  A secured web hosting ensures:

  • Excellent user experience
  • More sales
  • Efficient loading speed
  • Greater organic traffic.

Excessive downtime

The concept of downtime is thriving a lot while using cheap web hosting service. You particularly have no online business when your website is down. Even a website can have a dramatic negative impact on a business image if it’s often down. Google’s algorithm also considers the average downtime per month of websites to rank them accordingly – affecting any business to great extent.

I myself would never deal with a businessman or company whose website is often down because it’s a sign of immaturity. Similarly, if you experience excessive downtime on your website, then your web hosting cannot be comprised. Find the best web hosting around that ensures that your site will be up to more than 99.99%. More than 1% of downtime per month is unacceptable.

Business is growing

Many novice business owners tend to select a free hosting when starting their business. Using a free hosting not only excludes you from paying monthly hosting fees but also provides an efficient budget to spend on other things i.e. targeting audience, paying rent, spending on advertisements. After your business grows, its audience, revenue, services, and opportunities on the website also expands that a free web hosting cannot withstand.

Cheap web hosting also promotes a bad user experience with unlimited random ads. In case you’re using a free shared hosting that means you’re sharing your website management resource with others too. Therefore, upgrading or changing your website host along with your business is essential.

Poor performance

Ever experienced a dramatic reduction in your website speed as the customers or audience increase? Many people conclude such problems as a result of bad SEO campaigns and immature marketing strategies. However, some cheap web shootings cannot withstand a lot of visitors. For instance, you’re sharing the same resources with other people to keep up your online business, doesn’t it sound awkward? This can let many buyers close your web pages while they were trying to purchase a product and you were out of resources and speed to overcome extra traffic.

To overcome such situations, make sure to buy a dedicated yet committed web hosting to provide all necessary resources without any hinder. It certainly costs a lot as compared to shared web hosting plans, but is worth spending money.

Limited Features

After a few months, one may consider adding additional features like selling products on his/her site. Creating an online store require an e-commerce software that is often incorporated in the web hosting service. It is worth upgrading your web hosting if your current host does not incorporate this feature. The best web hosting service provides additional features along with several accessories to keep their client’s business run smoothly and grow. Don’t hesitate while upgrading your hosting plan if the current one doesn’t fulfill your needs.

No Backup

It is the duty of a web host to backup a site on regular basis. Automatic backup keeps you secured from accidental data loss and mistaken changes in the settings – preventing a lot of security issues at once. In this way, you can simply convert to the last made backup to rest changes. Major web hosts provide efficient backup options on a regular basis. However, if there are non-existent backups offered by your host, it’s time to upgrade.

Overall Thoughts

Upgrading your web host is an effective strategy to overcome your website speed, security, downtime, and other important factors that may cause serious impact on your online business. Make sure to demand the best out their service from the web hosting service, be one step ahead of your competition.

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